The capital city of Connecticut,Hartford. Alex Jones has asked a Connecticut judge to throw out a nearly $1 billion verdict against him and order a new trial in a lawsuit by Sandy Hook families who say they were subjected to harassment and threats from Jones.

Jones said that Judge Barbara Bellis' rulings resulted in an unfair trial and a large amount of injustice.

The amount of the award exceeds any rational relationship to the evidence offered at trial, according to the motion.

The lawyer for the Sandy Hook families, who are part of the lawsuit against Jones, declined to comment on the filing, but said they would be filing a brief opposing the request.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School was the site of an attack in December of 2012 that claimed the lives of many people.

An FBI agent who responded to the shooting and relatives of eight children and adults killed in the massacre sued Jones for defamation because he pushed a false narrative that the shooting was a hoax to impose more gun control.

A jury in Connecticut ordered Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, to pay nearly $1 billion in damages. Hearings will be held next month to figure out the amount of the damages.

People who believed the lies told on Jones' show harassed the victims' relatives for years. The families were confronted in public by strangers who recorded them at their homes. The people made abusive comments. They got death and rape threats.

In August, a Texas jury ordered Jones and his company to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of a Sandy Hook child. The third trial over the Sandy Hook hoax claims is expected to be held in Texas at the end of the year.

The lawsuits and trials on Jones' show are unfair and violate his free speech rights.

When the judges in Connecticut and Texas found him liable for damages by default without trials, he lost his right to present his defenses.

The trials in both states focused on how much Jones should pay.

There was no evidence that Jones was connected to the people who harassed and threatened the Sandy Hook families, according to the motions filed Friday. The trial looked like a memorial service, not a trial.

The families suffered terribly as a result of the murder of their children, but Jones didn't send people to threaten or harass them.

There was no evidence that he did anything. There was a series of half-truths that misled a jury and resulted in significant injustice.