Narkis Olan and her young son, in a photo shared on Facebook earlier this month.
Narkis Olan and her young son, in a photo shared on Facebook earlier this month.

The Supreme Court ruled in June that Narkis Golan could not be forced to return her son to his abusive father. A woman was found dead in her home on Wednesday.

The New York Police Department's deputy commissioner of public information said in a statement that there is no criminality at this time. The cause of death is still being determined by the medical examiner.

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As her son faces the risk of being forced to return to his father in Italy as a result of his mother's death on social media, supporters of Golan have expressed heartbreak, outrage, and suspicion. Despite the Supreme Court ruling in her favor, the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York continued to uphold its previous decision to return her child to Italy. Due to a technical precedent set by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, the district court ruled that returning to Italy would endanger Golan's son. She was a mother who wouldn't leave her child.

According to the sister of Golan, those who want to respect her family, her son, and her legacy should not speculate about her death at this time. The battle is not over and we want to make sure we share the correct information. We don't want anyone's narrative to affect our ability to protect her son

According to Nicole Fidler, the director of pro bono services at the Sanctuary for Families, Golan should be remembered for her perseverance and her refusal to give up her fight to protect her young son. Fidler said that on the night of Golan's death, she was on the phone with her attorneys and fighting until the very end. It is important to remember that.

The district court's most recent ruling was responded to in a post by Golan. After winning at the Supreme Court, I had to face the same judge who wanted to force my son back to a country where I was tortured, raped and abused. I didn't get justice for my actions. The only thing I can do is be the best mom I can be while fighting this battle. I don't know why.

She made the chilling observation that many women end up dead in cases like hers because of the system's inability to help such people. I'm called a survivor by people. When the real criminal gets to live his best life while I am still fighting for my rights, what have I survived?

The system that protects us must be threatening to me. What's the reason? Golan said he was trying to give his son the life he deserved. She said that she wouldn't stop fighting and that she wouldn't be silenced either. The world needs to know the truth.

A little over a month after her Facebook post, Golas was found dead. In an audio clip of a conversation between Saada and Golan shared with the public on Thursday, the woman can be heard telling the man that she knows judges and courts in Italy.

She accused her husband of making threats against her life, as well as pushing, hitting, and grabbing her, many times in front of their son. After taking their son to the U.S. for his brother's wedding, she took refuge in a local shelter. Golan sought a divorce from her husband if she returned to Italy with their child. When asked about Golan's death by phone and email, legal representatives for Saada didn't reply.

Golan wouldn't give in to the demands.

No matter how exhausted she was, no matter how many times she called me, no matter how many times she said, "It's so heavy, it's so heavy", no matter how many times she said, "It's so heavy, it's so heavy She was trying to keep her son out of harm's way. She didn't want to give up for her family, her child, or all the women who were reaching out to her. She would do anything for her son and the women and children she was fighting for.

Fidler said that Golan wanted to change the law for children and mothers like her, who flee their countries of origin with their children to escape abuse only to face legal reprisal from abusers. The lawyers on her case were skeptical because they knew the odds were against her. The Supreme Court doesn't accept a lot of cases. Even if the court system was stacked against her, she knew this was a worthwhile fight.

The court system is a difficult place for survivors of domestic violence, according to Fidler. The supreme court case is her legacy.

The Supreme Court ruling in Golan's favor marks a crucial victory for domestic abuse victims like Golan and their children who seek refuge in the U.S. The US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit set a precedent that children should be returned to their home country if there is any chance of them being abused. The district court ruled that the boy had to be returned to his father in Italy because of the risk of harm to the child. After acknowledging the abuse, she was forced to experience such heaviness, mental, emotional exhaustion, even after five years, because of what they did to her.

According to the Supreme Court, courts aren't required to examine if a return would put a child at a grave risk of physical or psychological harm.

Robert Abbott, a Connecticut resident who knew Golan personally, wrote on Thursday that the two had become good friends over the course of her case. He acknowledged that there were no obvious signs of foul play, but asked the detectives to look into it further.

Abbott said that he would listen to her fight to keep Bradley. She was scared of what might happen if she spoke out, so she didn't want to be in the film. She helped me in manyTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkias, she helped me in manyTrademarkiaTrademarkias, she connected me with other moms

The stories of mothers and survivors trying to protect their kids are told in posts on Golan's Facebook page. It was just who Golan was according to Morin. She was a strong woman. She paved the way for everyone in that situation to be safe. It hurts that her sister only had a fleeting glimpse of freedom from the Supreme Court. She won't now.

She didn't get to stay because she didn't want to feel like her every move was watched. Her son couldn't go to Disney. She didn't want to do these things with her child.

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