The One UI 5 beta banner in the Samsung Members app on a Galaxy Z Fold 3

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)
  • In a recent interview, Samsung's VP Sally Hyesoon Jeong shed some light on One UI.
  • Jeong revealed plans for the upcoming One UI 6 operating system for Galaxy devices.
  • The prominent details included seamless updates rollout and the current One UI 5 offerings to Galaxy devices.

There is still one major concern among users on these updates, which is seamless updates. It is something that has been missing out on and may finally arrive over the next year.

When an update is rolled out to an end- user, they need to download it, and the installation can take as long as 20 minutes, depending on how large it is. The user is unable to use their phones during this time.

It has been available for a while, but not on the phones of the company. Sally said in the interview that OneUI 6 may change that. There are plans for the next iteration of OneUI in the near future, as well as the current OneUI 5 roll out.

The OneUI team has been thanked by Jeong, who suggests seamless updates are coming to the phones. The OneUI team is working on hitting the timelines. Although it has lag in supporting seamless updates, it has become more strict in rolling out updates to its phones.


According to a report from Mishaal Rahman, seamless updates will be mandatory for devices launching with the new software instead of the old one. We'll have to wait for Android 14 to see it on the phone, meaning the S23 may not have seamless updates at launch.

While seamless updates aren't a large part of the experience, they can enhance it for users quick to update their phones and could be yet another reason to consider aGalaxy phone. It may take some time before the feature is implemented.

The latest OneUI 5 release would be one of the main takes from the interview. The first models to be officially released are the S22 series. The foldable and the S21 series are rumored to be getting the OneUI by the end of the year.

The latest iteration of the OneUI is based on the operating system. The update for popular phones is in the early stages. People are using the same device for longer periods of time, so software needs to evolve in line with that.

We want to make sure that our consumers know that they can use their device for as long as they please.

The full interview can be found at theandroid authority.