entrepreneurship isn't for everyone That applies to nature as well. The South African bush has animals in their natural habitat.

The guides and the lions. The king of the jungle is not me this time. I was lost when I started my business. I wouldn't write this if I didn't have a guide. I'm not making a joke.

Business and entrepreneurship are similar to nature. It's not nice. It doesn't stop. It's not easy. The rules of the game change frequently. You think of an impala when you see it in the morning.

Or you die if you don't adapt. That's it.

The journey through Africa taught me a lot.

The hienas chew through the bone. Why? This ability is used by hienas during times when prey animals are not plentiful. Cracking open bones gives them access to minerals.

It's a big deal. The advantage is a competitive one. It's the same thing for you. Are you aware of your purpose? Do you have advantages that are not being used? Are you embracing your mission in the Southern Hemisphere?

entrepreneurship is a game of survival and success Regardless of the size of your advantage, use it.

A crocodile runs into the water. They are still before that. They're looking at something. They are not moving. They are listening before making a decision. They go for the kill when they move.

Give your team a break. That is also considered work.

They can create an action plan on their own. Help them get out of the shallow water so they can dive into the murky waters.

I can't imagine what my experience would have been without my guides. They were listened to and trusted. They said what they said would work.

Guide and mentor are essential. They can be used to keep you out of trouble. Reach out to the person you think would be a good guide. Don't make it a joke. Staying out of trouble will be helped by it.

To increase your chance of seeing animals, you need a driver and a tracker.

Before making a decision, get as much data as you can. Trends should be looked for. Get to know what the analytics are telling you. There is a good chance that there is an animal nearby.

It might be a good idea to ignore those tracks if they aren't fresh. Even if the data is true, it needs to be verified.

Baboons are one thing I learned on my trip.

It is not unusual to see baboons off the side of the road, in parks, on top of trucks, and all over Africa.

You should expect difficulties and setbacks in business.

You must be on the lookout for opportunities.

The guides may communicate with each other. Don't be surprised if you see tracks from the cats. You should start searching for animals. Two lions eat a warthog after all that.

You should ignore it if you're chasing a better chance.

A plan is just the beginning. When elephants want fruit from the top of a tree, they move their head and trunk along the tree trunk and shake it.

Take a stroll and shake some trees. Some feathers need to be ruffled. The only way forward is through it. Don't be mean, and watch out for the fruit on the way down.