Oh boy, Ben Simmons is back! Neat.

The NBA world finally got a look at the Brooklyn Nets new big three and most are disgusted with the return they have given. If lack of motivation were a stock, this team would rise in the market. Brooklyn lost 130-108 to New Orleans on its opening night.

Don't bet on this team if you're a betting person. All the Nets will do is disappoint. Even with this knowledge, some prominent sports analysts insist on selecting Brooklyn to make a run at the NBA finals. The Nets face the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Championship, and it is being held by Stephen A. Smith.

If Smith really believes that the Nets are making it out of the Eastern Conference, he should cut his coffee intake in half. SAS could take his own advice and not worry about us. Smith needs to stay away from anything that encourages him to choose the Nets.

Smith thinks anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist Kyrie Irving will be a leading candidate for the league's most valuable player award. Irving went out Wednesday night and shot 6-for-19 (31 percent) and 0-for-8 from three-point range in a 15-point losing performance after SAS made that comment. Irving has never been nominated for an award. Good luck with that prediction, good luck!

Ben Simmons made his debut in a Nets uniform. I only mean that he suited up and played. Fans forget anything he did during his time on the floor. Simmons ended the game with more fouls than any of his teammates. Simmons had four points, five rebound, five assists, and six fouls. Simmons played just 23 minutes in his first game in a long time. It looks like Draymond Green has some competition in The Association.

The Nets lost by a lot despite Kevin Durant shooting over 50% from the field and scoring 32 points. This team doesn't have a leader Irving wants to lead, but no one in their right mind wants to follow, and Ben Simmons is just Ben. He is happy to be out of the city.

The team is in a rush to get there. Don't think about the finals. They need to get out of the first round of the playoffs. Win a playoff game. Maybe Chicago and Toronto are better than Brooklyn. Miami could be thrown in that grouping again this season. The Nets have taken off even though they don't have the star power of those teams.