The availability of Polaris business class seats has been reached by United Airlines.

United finishes reconfiguring 787s with Polaris cabins

The final Boeing 787-9 has just arrived in China where it will be used for reconfiguration with new cabins. New Polaris cabins are included in all United Boeing 787-9s in service.

United Polaris milestone:N27958 is departing AMS on the last 789 non-Polaris flight. Aircraft is sked to head to XMN for Polaris later today.

Expect N38955 to exit XMN with Polaris/PP soon.

— United Fleet Website (@UnitedFleetWebs) October 18, 2022

As is the case with so many airlines, it has taken quite some time for the Polaris business class concept to be rolled out on a consistent basis. The Boeing 787-9 and 787-9 variant are flown by United.

  • All Boeing 787-10s were delivered to the airline with new Polaris seats, as those planes only joined United’s fleet starting in 2018
  • For the 787-8s and 787-9s that weren’t delivered with the new seats, United reconfigured its first 787 with the new cabins in early 2020
  • While United’s plan was initially to reconfigure all 787s by the first quarter of 2021, the pandemic delayed that quite a bit
All United Boeing 787-10s came delivered with the new cabins

At this point, passengers booked on the new plane won't have to worry about a last minute aircraft swap that could land them in the old business class cabin.

United’s new Polaris business class seats
United’s old business class seats

How’s the rest of United’s Polaris retrofit program going?

Six years after the Polaris concept was announced, United is in a good position when it comes to consistency. There are only a few planes that will still be changed with new cabins. There are 16 of these in United's fleet and the plan is to change them all by the summer of 2023.

All United 767-300s have new Polaris business class seats

The Polaris retrofit program is complete with the exception of the 767-400. The old United business class product, featuring flat beds in a 2-4-2 configuration, is still in use by United.

These planes are not used for international flights. They are mostly used for high capacity domestic flights, such as hub to hub, and to and from Hawaii. The planes are not going to be changed.

Bottom line

New Polaris business class seats will be added to all United Airlines Boeing 787-9s. There is a reconfiguration of the old cabins on the final 797.

The Polaris retrofit program is done and should be finished by the summer of 2023.

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