Fxxking Rabbits (and VANQUISH) designer Ryo Ishikawa is a professional photographer, so he understands what a shutterbug on the go wants in a layering piece. The Fall/Winter 2019 Photographer Padding Vest is indicative of this knowledge, with plentiful storage and a comfortable design making it ideal for travelers and photographers alike.

The vest's black nylon shell is both warm and resistant to moisture, with fleece lining and a high collar for extra winter comfort. A large "No Photos" print on the rear ties in with past Fxxking Rabbits graphics, executed in the same contrasting white as the branding and patch on the front. Easy access is aided by a long zipper that stretches from the top of the collar to the hem, with two pulls for an adjustable fit, while the puffy chest sports a built-in backpack of sorts, offering a horizontal zip for easy access and deep storage instead of side pockets.

Shop Fxxking Rabbits' seasonal Photographer Vest on HBX's site for $300 USD

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