Jim Irsay

There had to be a reason why the owners of the teams in the league didn't make a big move to get Dan Snyder out of the league. It was one thing when he was spending money in the wrong places and losing his passion for the game. Reports have been released about the Washington football team that would lead a reasonable person to believe it is toxic.

Private investigators have been hired by the team owner to gather damaging information. A member of the 32 leaders of the National Football League has had enough and doesn't care what information the private investigators have. Hopefully, that person is Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts.

“I believe that there is merit to remove him as owner of the [former racial slur nickname],” Irsay said to the media in New York on Wednesday.

There is a certain amount of merit. There was a cheerleader trip in which sex trafficking techniques were used, a bunch of employees that were fired for sexually harassing female employees and media, and a sexual assault accusation against him by a woman who received a $1.6 million settlement. He was accused of inappropriate sexual contact by another employee. All allegations have been denied by the man.

The toxic workplace culture is being investigated by the United States Congress, and even the head of the National Football League was summoned to testify. Washington was fined $10 million and suspended by the National Football League for being a toxic place to work. An NBA owner was forced to sell recently. Robert Sarver was fined $10 million and told to step away from his day-to-day operations after he was found to be hostile towards women.

The main difference between the two is that the other used racial slurs while the other didn't. The NBA didn't release their results publicly, but the NFL did. The House Oversight Committee will act in a different way.

Shortly after he received his punishment, the man walked away. Even though the status of his involvement with the team hasn't changed, he is still hanging on. In response to Irsay's comments, the owner released a statement that denied the report and said that the franchise will not be sold.

The National Football League has not taken swift action to get rid of Snyder. One of the people in charge said something. Many different people have accused the franchise of sexual harassment, and in two different countries. Jerry Richardson's team was up for sale in less than 12 hours after a report was released about his use of a racial slur. There is a statue of a man outside of a stadium.

Irsay told the media that he wasn't afraid of anything. His battle with alcoholism and prescription drug addiction has been public for a long time. He has talked about it on the record.

People who speak out aren't the most pristine figures. It is their words that can make a difference. We know that Irsay is flawed, but we don't know who the owner is.

Irsay was correct when he said that what is alleged to have happened in Washington shouldn't be allowed to go on for a long time. The ball is in the hands of the other team owners after Irsay said the loud part out loud.

For the first time, there is some pressure on them to give an account of how they feel about one of their own.