The New York Yankees won the World Series in 2001 after 9/11.

It was strange. All that had happened to the city made itfitting.

Baseball fans everywhere should be rooting for the Yankees starting tonight as they open the ALCS against the Astros in Houston.

They are the clear favorites. The Astros are favored to advance to the World Series.

We can't have it.

The cheating Astros will not be accepted by us.

We said that the Astros cheated.

The fans of the Astros will push back. They want us to forget about the cheating scandal because they think it is over.

Nope, that's right.

It won't happen soon.

They can't be ignored or forgotten about their cheating.

The Astros used a video camera in the center field seats to film the opposing catchers signals to the pitcher, according to pitcher Mike Fiers.

The Astros used a variety of methods to tell their batter what to expect, including banging a garbage can.

Major League Baseball caught them dead to rights and punished them.

The Astros won the World Series after using their cheating system during the regular season and playoffs.

Baseball fans can't get over it. They are the most disliked team in baseball.

No one outside of Texas would like to see them win the title a second time.

You have to support the Yankees again.

If the game is above board they can stop them.

The Yankees team is easy to root for. The A.L. record for homers in a single season was set by Judge, who broke Roger Maris' 61-year-old record.

He is a better person. It's hard to not want him to succeed.

The Yankees have been winning a lot. That can be hard to deal with. They were a dynasty in the 90's. They won four World Series in five years.

They won it all a short time ago. In 2009, the Bronx Bombers won the title. That is a huge problem in the Yankee universe.

The manager who wasn't the skipper when the cheating was rampant is the hardest part.

The mess was cleaned by Baker.

Baker hasn't won a World Series in his managerial career. His last chance could be this one.

The Astros don't feel good even though they've been clean for a long time.

This franchise won its only Fall Classic thanks to cheating.

The Yankees and Dodgers were hit the hardest.

In the ALCS, the Yankees lost to the Astros. At home, the Astros won all four games.

The Dodgers were defeated in the World Series. The Astros bats lived in Houston during that series. It's difficult to forgive and forget about cheating. You can ask the New England football team. Even though they have won six Super Bowls, many still don't give them all the credit they deserve.

It's the same for both the Astros and the Astros. We don't want to see an Astros player holding the trophy over their head.

Let's hope the Yankees are still standing when the dust clears.

We can all be happy for that. It's better to live with that again.