As consumers turn to content creators to influence their online shopping habits, Klarna launched a new app for retailers to collaborate on brand campaigns and to track earnings.

Over half a million creators have access to leading brands and retailers on the creator platform. Retailers can use the app to communicate with creators and send them products for their work. The app can be used to track sales and commission. There is a new creator tool available.

New features and updates to its platform were also announced. Shoppable video content, a new search and discovery tool, and an upgraded CO2e tracker are included.

The image was created by Klarna.

More than 150 million consumers use the platform. Consumers have the option to pay instantly, pay later or pay over time, while shopping on the app.

With today's announcement, the Sweden-based company hopes to move beyond being just a payment platform but a place for consumers to search and discover, for influencer to create content and for retailers to promote their products

With this latest product release, we strengthen our position as a true shopping utility for consumers and a growth partner for retailers and lay the groundwork for a new era of shopping.

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The watch and shop feature is one of the most significant additions to the platform. 70% of Gen Z prefer video when shopping online. As Gen Z shoppers turn to video-based platforms, they can also go to Klarna for video content that is tailored for shopping and discovering products by well-known brands.

Haus Labs By Lady Gaga is a brand that uses the feature at launch. There are videos on the app for everything from beauty products to Keys Soulcare. Consumers can save videos of brands they want to see more of.

The brands have seen an average click-through rate 3x higher than social media platforms since they soft launched.

The image was created by Klarna.

Consumers can look up what products are on sale, the lowest price, rankings, ratings, shipping options and what's in stock with the new search and compare tool. Consumers can use automated coupons at the store.

An upgraded CO2 tracker and a new donations feature are some of the things that Klarna is adding. The tracker shows emissions from over 50 million products. Products can be donated to high impact organizations.

With new cuts, Klarna joins the ranks of companies having to conduct more than one layoff