According to a new Associated Press/NORC poll published on Wednesday, a majority of Americans think democracy isn't working well, with a larger number of Republicans than Democrats holding dimmer views of the electoral process.

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Voters wait in line outside of the election office.

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According to a survey conducted in the second week of October, only 9% of Americans think that democracy in the U.S. is working very well.

Views on the state of U.S. democracy have changed a lot in the last few years, with 15% of Democrats and only 5% of Republicans saying it is doing well.

Almost half of Americans don't have a lot of faith that their votes will be counted accurately, with Democrats being more confident than Republicans.

Despite there being no evidence of fraud or issues with the counting process, 45% of Republicans have no or very little faith in the electoral process compared to only 8% of Democrats.

A majority of democrats and republicans are concerned about the issue of gerrymander.

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A quarter of it. The percentage of Americans who think the way in which leaders are chosen is positive. Only 30% of Democrats and 24% of Republicans have a positive outlook on the process of selecting leaders.

Independent voters think ineligible voters being prevented from voting is more important than eligible voters. A majority of Democrats think voter suppression is a major problem compared to a small number of Republicans. Republicans think voter fraud is a big issue compared to Democrats.


According to a New York Times-Sienna Poll, a majority of likely voters think American democracy is in danger, but they're not all sold on the cause. The results of the elections will be accurate, according to the survey.

A recent AP-NORC poll shows that many remain critical of US democracy.

There is a threat to democracy. Many voters say they want to start with corruption.