The rapidly rising cost of food, energy and other daily staple could allow many Americans to reduce their tax bills next year.

Incremental movements in the thresholds for what income is taxed at what rate are what tax rates are adjusted for. After a year that saw America's fastest price growth in four decades, the shift in rates is much more significant.

The inflation adjustment will affect the tax code. The standard deduction can be claimed on tax returns.

If not for the change Republicans made in the tax law, the shift would be bigger. The chained Consumer Price Index is a measure of inflation that tends to rise more slowly than the standard consumer price index. The chained C.P.I. was up a bit more than the standard C.P.I. in September.

The biggest shift will be at the highest end of the income spectrum. The top income tax rate of 37 percent will apply to people who make more than $578,125. It is up from this time last year. The amount of income that is eligible to be taxed next year is less than the amount of income that was taxed this year.

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How much is inflation? Your dollar won't go as far tomorrow as it did today due to inflation. The change in prices for everyday goods and services is known as the annual change in prices.

Is there a cause for inflation? It could be due to increased consumer demand. There are developments that have little to do with economic conditions and can cause inflation to rise and fall.

I wonder if inflation is bad. It is dependent on the situation. Moderate price gains can lead to higher wages.

Inflation can affect the stock market. It's difficult for stocks to be affected by rapid inflation. Houses have held their value better than financial assets during inflation booms.

Middle-class workers and lower-income people will benefit. For individuals and married couples, the 35 percent rate starts at $231,250. For individuals and couples, the 32 percent rate will start above 182,000 dollars.

For individuals and couples, the 22 percent rate starts at $44,725 and goes up to $90,450. For married couples, the rate will be 12 percent. 10 percent applies to incomes up to those amounts.

The standard deduction will go up from this year to $27,700 for couples. It will be a $900 increase for people.

The tax rates of Americans who have kept pace with inflation will not be affected by the shifts. That has not been the case for a lot of Americans. The Labor Department reported last week that inflation-adjusted weekly earnings fell in September.

The code had a variety of provisions that were affected by the inflation adjustments.

The earned-income tax credit for low-income workers will be worth as much as $7,430, up from $6,935 this year.

Commuter benefits will increase from this year to a maximum of $300 a month.

The estates of people who die this year will no longer have to pay estate taxes on the first $12,920,000 they inherit.

The government responds to rapid inflation with the I.R.S. The largest raise since 1981 was announced last week by the Social Security administration.