It is time for spooky season. It's a good time for brands to be playful with their audience.

halloween marketing campaign

There are many examples of Halloween marketing campaigns, from ad spots to seasonal products.

1. Twix

It is difficult to think of Halloween without chocolate.

The left and right sides of the chocolate bars have been the focus of ads.

The theme for Halloween is the same but this one has a twist.

Young adults dressed in costumes are sitting in a circle in front of an Ouija board, a device used to communicate with ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural beings.

When the wind blows through the room, the spirit takes a bite of a bar. The final shot reads, "The spirits have decided" Either left or right is a good choice.

This is a good example of how a brand can change an existing campaign for the holidays.

2. Disney Parks & TikTok

A lot of creators use text- to-speech on TikTok. The voices in the videos can range from standard American accents to popular characters.

Three characters from Disney's theme parks can voice videos on the platform to celebrate Halloween.

disney parks and tiktok text-to-speech halloween campaign

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This is what we mean when we say to meet your audience where they are. This partnership is a great way for Disney to grab a younger crowd and get them interested in their parks.

This approach is subtle and users are naturally engaging in it.

3. Vegan Treats

How early can you market your seasonal products? It's possible to start for Halloween in September.

The start of fall is a great time to introduce Halloween themed products and services.

You can take vegan treats. On September 7, they began sharing product images related to Halloween, with the first one being a skull cake.

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You can start sooner. Your audience has time to review your offers and make a decision. It will be too late if you wait until the week of Halloween.

4. Elysian Brewing

Some brands pair up during Halloween. During holidays, businesses can branch out in a way that feels natural.

There is a co-branding campaign between USA Network and Elysian Brewery.

The beer company released a limited amount of beers for Halloween.

Pumpkin beers from Elysian have become synonymous with the season. It feels like a match made in heaven when you see Chucky on our cans.

Collaborations can work well during holidays when goals and strategies are more likely to be aligned.

5. Heinz

The idea of a vegetarian vampire during Halloween is not very interesting.

The company enlisted the help of E.J. Marcus to promote its annual Halloween themed sauce.

An ad spot during AMC's "Interview with the Vampire" and a partnership with Six Flags to offer branded menu items were included in the multi-channel campaign.

Where does Marcus go? He takes on the role of a vampire who learns to resist his thirst for humans and instead use his tomato blood to survive. The ambassador they chose and the purpose-driven character he embodies appeal to Gen-Z.

There isn't only one way to succeed. Don't be afraid to do it if you have the funds. It is always a victory for your team when unsuccessful campaigns teach you about your audience.

6. Target

Target has a lot of user-generated content. It isn't the key to success on this app, they know.

They have partnerships with content creators who can use Target products. The strategy stays the same during halloween

@target doesn't matter if it's 105 degrees, we ride at dawn 🧙‍♀️ @Dalia Elizabeth ♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

The creator of the post invites viewers to go shopping with her at Target. She is walking the aisles and looking at Halloween decorations.

It might be the right approach for Tik Tok.

You can approach the holiday in many different ways.

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