The platform is letting Kyle Rittenhouse's channel stay up despite the fact that it's all about guns.

On Monday, Rittenhouse posted his first video on his channel. There are 37,800 subscribers to the channel.

In the video, Rittenhouse thanks his supporters for standing by him while sitting in front of a wall with at least four guns. Rittenhouse uses firearms in the video.

"Bonjour!" I will be starting a channel on the video sharing website. Rittenhouse wrote in the description of the video that he was looking forward to creating content about guns and discussing the 2nd amendment.

Rittenhouse said to join him in his journey to learn everything he can about new and vintage firearms and to defend the Second Amendment.

The company has strict guidelines on violent and graphic content. The company will remove channels and videos in accordance with its policies when asked if the platform would end Rittenhouse's account

The channels that are terminated are in line with the three-strike system. The policies are enforced no matter who uploads them.

During the Black Lives Matter protests in Wisconsin, Rittenhouse "defended himself", according to his description.

Two men were killed and a third was injured by Rittenhouse in August 2020.

He was acquitted of all five charges. Wendy Rittenhouse and her son have accused several people of defaming him.

Rittenhouse was introduced at a right-wing event in June as the ultimate catch for conservative women.

Rittenhouse uses social media. In June, he posted a video of him firing bullets from an automatic firearm and declared that Joe Biden was not coming for our guns.

Rittenhouse and his publicist did not reply immediately.