He couldn't believe that police were going to arrest him outside of his home.

What is going on with this state? As he was being taken to the police car, he protested. Is voter fraud a thing? Anybody with a felony could vote, you know what I mean?

Body-worn camera footage recorded by local police shows the confusion and outrage of residents who found themselves in handcuffs for casting a ballot.

The arrests were carried out by state police officers in conjunction with local law enforcement.

The never-before-seen footage was obtained by the Herald/Times through public records requests.

DeSantis said during the news conference that they would pay the price.

The Herald/Times found that at least 13 of the 19 people arrested are black.

Police went to Oliver's house at 6:52 a.m. and told her they had a warrant for her arrest.

She said, oh my gosh.

She was told that she was going to be arrested for voting illegally in 2020.

She asked, "Voting fraud?" I am not committing no fraud because I voted.

Arrests are made for voting fraud.

Nineteen people, including Oliver, are facing up to five years in prison after being accused of both voting illegally and being registered to vote.

They are accused of violating a state law that doesn't allow people convicted of murder or sex offenses to automatically be able to vote after they're out of prison. The amendment restored the right to vote to many felons.

Mass confusion about who was eligible and the lack of clarity on voter registration forms were caused by the amendment. Potential voter must swear under penalty of perjury that they are not a felon and that their rights have been restored. Those with murder convictions don't get automatic restoration of their rights

Oliver registered to vote at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in February 2020. She changed her address six months later.

She was given a voter ID card twice after the Department of State checked her eligibility.

DeSantis goes after small-scale voter crimes.

Oliver remained on the rolls until March 30 this year.

‘There’s your defense’

The recordings show officers who were understanding and patient.

According to the sheriff's office recording, Nathan Hart found a sympathetic ear when he talked about how he ended up voting illegally.

He said that he signed up to vote at the encouragement of someone at the driver's license place. It was in March 2020 according to records.

According to Hart, he said he was a convicted felon and could not do it. He asked if you were still on parole.

Hart said that his parole had ended a month before. He was told to sign up anyways.

Hart said that he was told to fill out the form and that he would be allowed to vote. "'If they don't, then you can't'"

One of the officers said, "Then there's your defense" I know what you mean. It seems like a loophole to me.

Hart said, "We can hope."

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Six sex offenders who voted in 2020 were not charged by the prosecutors.

There are cases against voters who have been arrested. They were given voter IDs by Florida.

The prosecutor wrote that sex offenders were encouraged to vote by various mailings and misinformation. Each of them were given voter registration cards which made them believe they could vote. The evidence doesn't show willful actions by some of these people.

‘Political Strategy’

The Office of Statewide Prosecution is limited by law to prosecuting crimes, including voting, which involve two or more judicial circuits. According to its website, those crimes are usually big and complex. Nicholas Cox is the statewide prosecutor.

The public would not have sympathy for people who were convicted of murder or sexual offenses, according to Oliver's lawyer. The arrests were announced during a news conference.

"That's not an accident, that's correct," he said. It is a political strategy.

Is it possible that I committed fraud? Ex-felons confused by arrests.

Public defenders wouldn't comment on the case.

When officers showed up at his house, he wondered why he was being treated differently.

He told officers that it happened a long time ago. What is the reason now? Why do I exist?

The police officer was surprised by the charges against him. The officer received a call while he was on his way.

The officer has never seen these charges before.

The man was handcuffed in the back of the car. He said his brother wanted him to vote.

I listen to everyone. Do you want to vote for this? "Come on, man, vote for," he said. Felons were allowed to vote. That is the reason I signed the form.

If I wasn't able to vote, why would you allow me to vote?

The officer was unsure. I don't understand.