We've seen rollable phones before, but the idea of a rollable phone is new to us.

A phone that's about the same size as any modern phone was showcased at a virtual event.

The content on the phone can adapt to the phone's size according to a video posted by the company.

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One of the last projects of the company was a rollable phone that never made it to market. The phone expanded from a normal-sized phone into a small device. Instead of folding the phone, you can expand or withdraw it as you please. The presentation can be seen in the video below.

A laptop with a rollable display is one of the concepts showcased in the video. In the video, we can see that the laptop's screen extends upwards, giving us more screen real estate.

There isn't a word on when these devices will be available for sale. The President of the Intelligent Devices Group at Lenovo says in the video that form factor innovation is a very dynamic area.

He says that you will see the innovation ofLenovo.