The betting numbers to know ahead of the NBA season (1:56)

There are some interesting betting lines for the NBA regular season in the years to come. There is a time and a place for it.

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The NBA has not been this competitive in decades.

There is no consensus favorite to win the title. The Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Clippers are the favorites to win the title according to the sportsbooks. The odds are not better than 6-1. This is the first time in 35 years that the preseason favorite has had odds like this.

The race at the bottom is not different from the one at the top. There are five teams that have season-win totals of less than 25. It's the most games in a season in the last 20 years.

There is a better chance of earning a lottery pick and a shot at Victor Wembanyama if the bottom five teams win the title. Spurs coach Popovich has characterized his team's title chances as "not likely" and the Jazz's current win total is less than they won last season. Utah traded away two of their best players in the off-season.

Predicting how bad these teams will be is going to be a lot of work.

All aspects of the team, including the players, will attempt to lose on purpose. Sam Garriock is the trading manager for PointsBet. The front office and the coach decide who will be held out or not. We take the same approach to booking these games as we would any other, where ratings are a factor of individual ratings and minutes played.

Tanking teams have a bigger impact on in-play wagering and will cough up leads at higher rates than typical double-digit dogs.

Over the past three seasons, the teams that finished with the worst records covered the spread in almost half of their games.

NBA Notable Bets Season Preview

Most bets to win the NBA title at Caesars Sportsbook

1. Warriors 2. Celtics

3. Lakers

Fewest bets to win the NBA title at Caesars Sportsbook

1. Hornets 2. Wizards

3. Pacers

The Los Angeles Lakers have drawn twice the amount of money as any other team to win the NBA title.

At PointsBet, more bets have been placed on the Denver Nuggets to win the title than any other team.

Three largest NBA title bets reported by Caesars Sportsbook

• $50,000 on Warriors (+550) to win a net $275,000 • $10,000 on Lakers (+2,200) to win a net $220,000

• $6,000 on Celtics (+600) to win a net $36,000

Doncic racking up MVP bets

Luka Doncic is the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player award. Doncic has attracted more money than any other player at the casino.

The 76ers have a good chance of winning the East.

• The case for Lakers under 44.5 wins

• The case for betting KD and the Nets

• The case to bet Giannis and the Bucks

• The case for Warriors over 52.5 wins

• The case for betting the Boston Celtics

ESPN Sports Betting home

NBA oddsmaker's surprise team

Jeff Sherman is a bookmaker who oversees NBA odds for the SuperBook.

I played them more than 30 times. The Kings have personnel, the free agency moves and a draft pick. They're going to be in every game, whether it's against the top teams or the bottom teams.

Pop's betting advice

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I'll say it anyways," Popovich told reporters during a September press conference. Don't bet on us to win the championship in Vegas.

I know someone is going to say that. There is a possibility. If they work hard, what do you think? It is not likely to happen.

The Spurs are listed as long as 2,000-1 to win the title, but a few people didn't listen to Popovich. Sherman said the SuperBook has a lot of tickets on the Spurs to win the title, and that San Antonio attracted more bets to win the title than the other teams.

80% of the money bet on San Antonio's wins is on the under, which is the lowest of any team at BetMGM.

Rockets fuel betting interest

More money has been bet on the under on the season win total than on any other NBA futures offering. The Houston Astros opened at 27 and have been bet down to 23. The majority of the money bet on Houston's win total is on the under.

PointsBet has the second most heavily bet futures. The team's season-win total opened at 43.5 and has been bet up to 44.

The Pistons have attracted the most yes bets at + 700. They haven't missed the playoffs at -2,000.

Player props

It's become an increasingly popular way to bet on the NBA. Bettors wager on several player performances or in-game events at long odds on player props from the same game. Most sportsbooks ask for playing time for bets to be valid.

The NBA has resting and injury reporting policies.

NBA's resting policy

• Teams are prohibited from resting healthy players for "high-profile, nationally-televise" games. • Teams should not rest multiple healthy players for the same game.

• Teams should not rest healthy players on the road, "absent unusual circumstances."

NBA's injury reporting policy

On the day before a game, teams are required to give out participation status of players-out, questionable, available. The second day of back-to-back games has to be designated by 1 p.m.

There are injury reports on the NBA website. Injury statuses can be broken in the media before they are posted on the league's website. Pregame shootarounds are where questionable or game-time decisions are usually made. Injury information hitting the betting market causes lines and totals to move before they reach the public sphere.

If a final decision is made on the player's availability, teams need to update their participation status immediately.

Notable career highs/lows scoring vs. teams [average points scored per team]

James is known as "Lebron."

Low: Pistons - 23.9; Clippers - 24.0; Rockets 25.2

The man is named JOEL EASE.

The Clippers had a high of 32.4 and the Lakers had a high of 30.4.

Low: Grizzlies - 13.3;Raptors - 21.3; Nuggets - 21.3

Luka Doncic was born in Yugoslavia.

The Pistons had a high of 32.4 while the Clippers had a high of 31.4.

Low: Heat - 20.8; Timberwolves - 22.2; 76ers - 22.3

There is a person named Stephen Curry.

The Wizards had a high of 28.6.

Low: Bucks - 20.0; Lakers - 21.0; Spurs - 21.5


The Spurs had a high of 27.4, while the Lakers had a high of 25.6.

Low: Heat - 15.4; Thunder - 16.5; Kings - 17.3

NBA betting stats of note

Over the last three regular seasons, favorites have covered the spread in 50.2% of games.

• 51.0% of games have gone under the total, excluding pushers, in the last three regular seasons.

Over the last three regular seasons, road teams have covered the spread in almost half of the games.

Top 3 teams against the spread at home

[last three regular seasons] Hawks 59.5% Grizzlies 58.5%

Warriors 55.0%

Worst 3 teams against the spread at home: [last three regular seasons]

Rockets 37.2% Magic 37.5%

Nuggets 42.1%

The games averaged 221.2 points last year.

• The average margin of victory last season was 12.4 points, a three-year high.

Coaching ATS stats of note

Best coaches against the spread on 0 days rest

Tom Thibodeau 56.7% Dwayne Casey 54.2%

Tyronn Lue 53.6%

Worst coaches against the spread on 0 days rest

J.B. Bickerstaff 39.0% Steve Clifford 42.6%

Mike Brown 45.4%

Best coaches against the spread in October/November games (minimum 50 games)

Steve Kerr 54.7% Dwayne Casey 54.0%

Rick Carlisle 53.5%

Worst coaches against the spread in October/November games (minimum 50 games)

Tyronn Lue 40.3% Tom Thibodeau 45.1%

Doc Rivers 45.6%

Coaches with highest percentage of "OVERS" (minimum 100 games)

Chris Finch 59.3% Steve Nash 52.6%

Nick Nurse 52.3%

Coaches with highest percentage of "UNDERS" (minimum 100 games)

Steve Kerr's percentage was 54.1%.

Billy Donovan 53.6%

Tom Thibodeau 53.5%

Nick Mazone is a researcher forESPN.

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