The door handles of the car improve its aerodynamics. In extremely cold weather, the handles can get too frozen to move.

There was a software fix issued by the company after the door handle problems first came to light. When the polar vortex hit the U.S., some Model 3 owners had trouble getting into their cars.

This problem has been addressed by a new update from the company. The company added a quick control to unlatch the Model 3 or Model Y driver door if the door handle is frozen. The vehicle software needs to be updated.

Tesla app release notes

Now, if we could only get a fix for frozen windows... Credit: Screenshot: Stan Schroeder / Tesla

The door has been unlatched so that owners can pry it open with their hands.

This update may not fix the issue completely. The window has to come down a bit before the door can open in a Model 3 and Model Y. You may damage the car if you force the window to be open.

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When the car is frozen shut, you'll be grateful for any help you can get.

The latest version of the app adds a screen tool to show the vehicle's range on the lock screen.