I am not sure what to think of the announcement that is about to be made by the airline. I wrote about the first clue a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to reflect on the latest one. Feel free to do so below if you would like to guess.

Etihad’s cryptic social media teaser posts

On October 4, 2022, the airline posted a picture to the photo sharing website.

“There’s more than what meets the eye… #comingsoon”

The photo appears to be of the founder's memorial in Abu Dhabi.

The memorial has been open for a long time so I think it is not what the announcement is about.

Etihad’s Instagram post

There was a video posted to Facebook of some stars over the desert.

“We trust the stars to define our journey. A new constellation will soon adorn the skies.#Comingsoon


Etihad’s Facebook post

What is Etihad going to announce?

I like when airlines tease announcements in advance as it is a fun way to engage people. This is something that United does a great job with, as they usually drop some cool clues a day before route announcements.

I don't know if this is a major announcement or if the airline is just going to release some more NFTs.

There are a few possible announcements I could see the airline making.

It seems most likely that the announcement is about the Star Alliance. The caption says "we trust the stars to define our journey" and "a new constellation will soon adorn the skies" Either it's that or they're just messing with us

It seems likely that this is what the announcement is about. I tried to get a few contacts at other Star Alliance airlines to tell me if they had heard anything, but not a single one said they had.

The timing of the partnership would be odd. Even though United could have a partnership with both of them, the timing would be odd with the current CEO leaving.

I wish Etihad’s Airbus A380 would make a comeback!

Bottom line

There is a big announcement coming this Wednesday. A new constellation will soon adorn the skies, and we have been told that there is more than what meets the eye.

I haven't heard that before, but those last couple of clues seem to suggest that the Star Alliance may be joined by the airline.

Someone wants to guess what the airline is about to announce.

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