The Washington Post reports that Russian authorities are taking able-bodied men off the streets to replenish their military manpower.

An estimated 300,000 men and their families fled the country after Putin announced that the military would be partially activated.

Russian authorities are rounding up men in almost any place they can find them.

According to The Washington Post, military officers entered a Moscow business center last week and took almost all the men they could find, including musicians in the middle of a rehearsal and a man in his 50's with a disability.

The men were immediately taken to a military enlistment office as part of the government's drive to refill their ranks after they suffered massive losses against the Ukrainian army.

Police officers have taken men from streets and Metro stations to fight in the war and have even staked out apartment building lobbies to give military summonses.

According to The Post, cafes, restaurants, and hostels have also been involved in the sweep.

Dozens of homeless men were taken from a shelter in Moscow.

The men spoke with the newspaper under the condition that their names wouldn't be published.

Alexi told The Post that authorities told him to leave his office or they would use force.

I was in a state of panic. I've never been taken into custody before. He said that everyone knows that if you are arrested by the police in Russia it is very bad.

Yevgeny, a mechanic who doesn't support the conflict, left his place of employment, got rid of his social media accounts, and stayed with a relative outside of Moscow.

He told The Post that he doesn't want to be killed and that he has to lie low now. I don't think I'm safe here. It's a time when your neighbors could report on you.

My mom is very worried. I'm stressed and sad. He said that he tries not to think about how long this could last.

He spoke of friends who initially supported the war, but had to leave after they were called to go to Ukraine.

Yevgeny told The Post that they are asking questions and surfing the internet for information. When you don't understand why you should die, they don't. What is the purpose of this thing?

According to Putin, 222,000 of the 300,000 people had been called up for the war.

The tactics used to find additional men to replace previous Russian officers have been unpopular, largely due to the fact that cities such as Moscow and St.

The war in Ukraine looked very dire for Putin according to the former CIA director.

He said at the time that the bottom line was that the Ukrainians have done a better job than the Russians have done.

Petraeus was not a fan of Putin's plan to mobilize reserve troops.