Big W for the Vols

At least three programs were guaranteed to end Saturday with a smudge on their perfect records as six teams were set to play each other.

I was ready for another wave of favorites to maintain the status quo after the way Michigan and Penn State dominated the other side of the ball.

This happened soon after.

This as well.

One more chance to measure.

Three different fan bases rushed the field after knocking off a top 10 team, which made college football one of the most fun sports to watch from week to week. College students will take a field or court if they are given a reason to rush it. Give them a reason to celebrate through the night because there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend with them.

Tennessee blows the blows the top off Rocky Top

There were many turning points of the shower. Huge pass interference calls allowed the teams to tie the game. There were crucial turnovers that led to scores for each team.

It seemed like the Vols were on the verge of collapse after they jumped out to a big lead. When a miscommunication on a handoff led to a Tide scoop-and- score and a seven point lead with seven minutes and change in the fourth quarter, it felt like it was getting snapped into reality for Nick.

Hooker and Hyatt had an answer to every time a player made a play. Hyatt had six catches for 207 yards and was on the receiving end of five Hooker touchdown passes.

The UT defense couldn't get Young off the field, and if he was hurt, you wouldn't know about the throws he made and the hits he took. If not for the 17 penalties they were flagged for, the Tide might have broken an opponent.

The defense was bleeding yards and needed every point. Both Alabama and Tennessee had over 500 yards of offense. Josh Heupel had a team on its heels and went for it on fourth down in no man's land and tried to score.

The Volunteers got the ball back with 36 seconds left in the first half, and got into a position to throw a Hail Mary, which Joe Milton almost converted. After Will Reichard missed a field goal that would've given Bama the lead with 15 seconds left in the game, Heupel said fuck it, I have a legit Heisman candidate of my own and two time outs.

Hooker and Ramel Keyton connected for 18 yards to the 50 and UT called a timeout. The clock was stopped with 2 seconds left after he found Bru.

The ball had an odd wobble to it, and I thought it was short and Alabama was done. After 15 years of losing, it knuckled through and got to light the victory cigars on October 3rd.

Utah and USC put on a pyrotechnics show that would make Michael Bay blush

Utah and USC each had more than 1,100 yards of offense. If it wasn't for the Tennessee-Alabama game, it would've been the game of the week. After failing to beat Florida and UCLA on the road, Utah felt like they were due for a win and coach Kyle Whittingham showed why. The team that wanted a field goal didn't, and the team that wanted a score didn't either.

After a turnover at the USC 11 with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Utes continued to come back. After the quarterback scored on fourth and goal from the one with 48 seconds left, Whittingham decided he was done playing from behind and went for the win.

After 59 minutes and 12 seconds, Rising gave the Utahs their first lead of the game, 43-42. Williams couldn't get USC in range for a game-winning field goal, and that's how it ended Everyone was waiting for the defense to make a mistake to cost them a game, and they did just that, with Rising accounting for 475 total yards and five total touchdown.

Raise your hand if you had TCU as the last undefeated Big 12 team

The Frogs were down 14 to the Cowboys in the fourth quarter, but came back to tie the game. The game went into overtime. Oklahoma State had to settle for a field goal in the second overtime after scoring a touchdown in the first. Miller scored from two yards out to give the Frogs a 43-40 victory.

The last remaining perfect team in the conference is the Horned Frogs and they look like a good bet to win the trophy. A Big 12 school in Texas not named the Longhorns has a coach who is Texan. The Frogs could be in the top 10 for the first time in a couple of years. Next week is when a win over Kansas State is likely.