Halloween ends will come out this week and seems to bring the decades-long battle between Michael and Laurie to a close. The third film in a rebooted trilogy that ignores everything after the original 1978 slasher classic will bring the final girl back for one last round. The franchise will be brought to a satisfying conclusion.

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  • The Quarry
  • Until Dawn
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Heavy Rain
  • Alien: Isolation

Halloween ends will be the end of an era for what is arguably the mother of all slasher franchises, but for fans of the series it will be a mixed bag. They should not be worried or wallowing for too long. The survival aspect of a classic slasher flick is captured in many video games. Unlike a film, players can experience the violent plot in a more personal and interactive way and discover what it is like to run away from a deranged killer. Five of our favorites are listed.

The Quarry

Teenagers sit around a campfire in The Quarry.

The newest entry in the interactive horror genre is called The Quarry. The film follows a group of teenage counselors on their last night at a summer camp and features an all-star cast that includes David Arquette. They find themselves hunted by a group of supernatural creatures and a bunch of violent locals as the night goes on, and it will be difficult to survive until morning.

The Quarry is a love letter to the genre. It is a worthy successor to Until Dawn. The Quarry is a gory and satisfying nightmare that balances tension with old fashioned drama. Fans of the original Halloween will have a good time with this film.

Until Dawn

The main characters in the game Until Dawn gathered and talking to each other.

We need to mention Until Dawn again. In Until Dawn, a group of young adults are pursued by dangerous creatures while at a lodge on Blackwood Mountain, and they are joined by several prominent actors, including Peter Stormare.

Multiple choices with potentially deadly consequences were made in the game. No character is safe, they can all die, depending on the player's choice. The greatest triumph of the game is the fear it causes the players as they try to make the right decisions while second-guessing their every step. Until Dawn thrives on the paranoia it causes its victims and the players guiding them through a violent climax. The fans of the genre will be happy.

Dead By Daylight

Logo and cover art for Dead by Daylight.

The final girl, the virginal and innocent, is the main character in Slasher films. The final girl is the most enduring of the slashers. Dead by Daylight flips the script by letting players step into the killer's shoes.

One player tries to kill the other four in a one-versus-four online game. It's been a long time since people wondered what it would be like to be Michael Myers in a game. The Halloween saga will be brought to the player by Laurie herself. Dead by Daylight is a mix of horror characters and styles under the same umbrella. It is a must play for any self respecting fan of the genre.

Heavy Rain

An origami figure on the floor under the rain.

Heavy Rain tells the story of four people who become entangled in the mystery of the Origami killer, a serial murderer who drowns his victims during periods of heavy rain. Heavy Rain is a game where choices affect the narrative. The alternate endings in the game bring the player a sense of satisfaction or sadness.

Heavy Rain is a good game for fans of both psychological thrillers and straight-up slashers. It is a cerebral entry in the horror genre that never compromises its emotional impact in favor of cheap scare tactics. It succeeds in creating a tension-filled environment that will send chills down any player's spine, even though it isn't as frightening as our other suggestions. Heavy Rain is more frightening than any zombie or monster game because of the way it is written. A wrong choice in the plot will lead the story down a path of no return. We have no idea what makes slashers so effective.

Alien: Isolation

A female astronaut looking to her right with a scared expression in the game Alien: Isolation.

There were a lot of great female characters in the 1970s. Both Laurie Strode and Ellen Ripley were into sci-fi. The Alien franchise featured a claustrophobic scenario and a story that appealed to the most basic human instinct: survival. Alien: Isolation is an excellent entry into the Alien canon. The film features Ripley's daughter, who goes against the super-strong xenomorph as she investigates her mother's disappearance.

There is nothing innovative about the game. That is more than what is needed. Alien: Isolation is a love letter to the original Alien, honoring its themes, style, and visual language. Isolation uses shadows and noise to show that nothing is more frightening than the unknown.

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