Alex Jones
Alex Jones, right, is seen outside of Waterbury Superior Court in Connecticut.REUTERS/Mike Segar
  • Sandy Hook families were ordered to pay over a billion dollars for Alex Jones calling the shooting a hoax.

  • Jones will have a hard time avoiding the huge bill according to attorney Ron Austin.

  • He can be sued for hiding money and his assets can be taken away.

Alex Jones joked on air that the Sandy Hook families wouldn't see the money because a jury ordered him to pay them.

He asked if the people thought they were getting any of the money.

Jones might be in for a shock. Ron Austin, a New Orleans-based civil attorney told Insider that if Jones tries to dodge payment, the people will go after everything he has.

They will start going after his assets if they find out he's fraudulently transferred any of his assets.

They will pierce the corporate veil to get to him personally.

The ability to have an abode and reasonable living expenses is something courts can afford, according to Austin. He said that the decisions will be made by a judge.

Jones will not have the same standard of living because of his large debt.

"This guy has made a lot of money, but I don't think he's going to keep his lifestyle the same," he said.

Austin said that the conscience of the community spoke loudly and that it sent a message to those who want to profit from lies and deceit.

The 2012 shooting was staged by the government in order to restrict gun rights.

Jones lost the Connecticut trial by default when he refused to turn over financial records about his company.

The trials focused on how much he owed the families for the damage he did by pushing conspiracy theories.

A jury in Texas decided in August that Jones should pay the parents of Jesse Lewis almost $50 million. There are two cases in Texas that haven't yet been scheduled.

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