A Senate debate in Georgia on Friday featured attacks over a number of hot-button subjects, including inflation, nuclear weapons, child support and a recent abortion scandal.

The debate, held three days before early voting begins in Georgia, will be the last time both candidates share a stage.

Walker was accused of paying an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion when he was a football player at the University of Georgia, but he denied it. Walker is opposed to abortion.

Walker said the report was a lie. The New York Times reported that Walker told the woman to have a second baby.

Herschel Walker pressed the woman to have another abortion.

As Walker painted him as not doing enough to tame high inflation and as a lackey for President Joe Biden, he was on the defensive as well.

The Republicans want to take control of the Senate from the Democrats. Control of the Senate is evenly split between the Democrats and Republicans because of the Vice President's tie-breaking vote.

The Republicans need a net gain of one seat in the Senate to win back control.

The US Senate candidates will face off in a debate in the morning.

There will be an October surprise.

Walker goes on the offensive in closing statement

Walker said his lack of political experience was a positive in his closing statement.

Walker wants you to think about the damage politicians have done to the country. I want you to think about Raphael. He was going to give you a smooth talk and let you know what's going on.

Walker said that the country was hurting. I don't think we can make up for that.

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Walker against Supreme Court expansion

Walker was asked if he would support increasing the number of seats on the Supreme Court.

Walker said being a leader requires making tough decisions.

"Savannah Kuchar"

Warnock doesn’t answer about expanding SCOTUS

There was a question about expanding the Supreme Court.

"My job as a senator is to protect the rights of ordinary citizens."

Whether we are talking about the reproductive rights of women or voting rights, we have seen those rights contract. I will do everything I can to protect the rights of Georgians.

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Warnock “praying” for the Braves

When asked if the Braves should change their name, he said he waspraying.

The management of the Braves is having a discussion with the tribes.

The team and tribes will come up with a solution that makes sense, he said.

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Walker on Trump’s legal issues: ‘Lady Justice is not blind’

Walker questioned the validity of Trump's legal issues. Lady Justice needs to be blind.

In this case, Lady Justice is not blind.

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Walker against a Braves name change

Walker said Georgia has people dying on the streets and others living paycheck to paycheck instead of changing their name.

Walker said the state doesn't have to worry about whether the Braves are changing their names.

The organization will make the decision that makes the most sense for them, according to the man.

"Savannah Kuchar"

Warnock dodges question on whether Biden should run in 2024

He dodged the question if he thought Biden should run, instead pointing to his own election.

Do you know who's going to run in 24? I hope the people of Georgia show up on Monday to vote on who will be their senator.

Regardless of who is in the White House, I am honored to be a senator.

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Walker supports Trump running in 2024

Walker wants Donald Trump to run for president again.

Walker said that he would support Trump because he's his friend.

Joe Biden left allies behind in Afghanistan.

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Warnock calls to strengthen NATO

The Biden administration responded to the Russian invasion.

"I'm glad we're standing up to Putin's aggression and we have to continue to do that." He pointed to a training center he worked to keep open.

We need to make sure our service members know that we are behind them. We need to strengthen our allies and the NATO alliance in order to stand up to Russian aggression. There is nothing more important than that.

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Warnock references Martin Luther King on health care

People are dying because of a lack of health care during the debate.

He agreed with King's beliefs.

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Walker on health care access

Walker said he would work with other people to make sure hospitals and doctors have access.

He contrasted his stance with the one he had with another person.

Walker said he would be willing to meet with people and not write a letter.

Walker said that they don't need a pen pal.

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Warnock advocates for Medicaid expansion

A human right is health care.

Increased government spending and the national debt cost us more not to expand. Georgia needs a senator who thinks healthcare is a human right.

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Walker slams Warnock over health care

Georgians should be independent of the government when it comes to health care, according to Walker.

Georgians should be dependent on the government, according to Walker.

"I want you to get off the government health care and get on the health care he has, to get you a better health care," Walker said.

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Walker sees himself as 'champion for mental health'

Walker has been open about his mental health struggles in the past.

He says he doesn't need the help anymore. He encourages people with mental health issues to seek help.

Walker said that his mental health issues will not affect his ability to lead as a senator.

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Warnock says he “supports” his children

When asked about his ex-wife filing a lawsuit for increased child support, he said his divorce was a "painful period."

I am with my children and for them. He said that he supports them in every way that a father does.

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Walker says he’s been 'very transparent’

Concerns about Walker's transparency were brushed off.

Walker pointed to his own struggles with mental health and advocacy. I am willing to admit it. I have been a champion for mental health after having a mental issue.

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Warnock talks personal integrity

Reverend Warnock said that this was proof that he was running against a desperate candidate.

He said it was stooping to try to get rid of the name of the church.

He said that his church stood up for people in the community.

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No-cash bail is behind Black youth homicide rates, Walker says

Black youth are more likely to be killed by no-cash bails than whites.

No cash bail is a problem. People need to be held accountable for their actions.

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'A problem with the truth', Warnock said of Walker

He said his opponent has a problem with the truth.

He has called and prayed with the families of fallen officers.

He said that he didn't want to be a police officer.

Walker tried to respond to the accusations, but was cut off.

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Walker: Warnock “empowered criminals”

Walker did not support legislation that would restrict gun rights.

Walker said that Warnock was soft on criminals.

Walker said that he gave criminals the idea that they were better than the police. Biden's border policy was blamed for the rise in the number of drugs in Georgia.

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Warnock touts bill to support police

The first gun safety law in three decades was passed by Congress.

We did that on a bipartisan basis I think this law will save lives.

Legislation he introduced supports law enforcement.

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Walker says he can’t support a federal minimum wage hike

Walker said he couldn't support a minimum wage increase.

Small businesses were not able to pay the minimum wage. Walker said that they have to pay what they're capable of paying after Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

Walker couldn't approve of it.

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Warnock on raising the minimum wage

He believes in the dignity of work.

The workers who were more visible during the Pandemic were the ones who deserved essential wage and essential benefits.

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Warnock decries hypocrisy of PPP loans, student debt relief

In response to questions about student loan debt cancellation, Walker was called out for not calling out leaders who receivedPPP loans.

It's interesting to me that the people who are crying about student debt relief haven't said anything about the companies that have gotten loans from the government.

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Warnock defends Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan

Biden has a plan to forgive student loan debt.

The President has already moved to do student debt relief and there is more that needs to be done in student loan forgiveness.

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What about the baby in the room?

Walker didn't back down during the discussion.

The former football star was prepared when the senator said that the exam room was too small for a woman.

He is a nice talker, but he did not mention that there was a baby in that room.

Phillip M. Bailey is the son of the late Philip M. Bailey.

Walker stands against student debt forgiveness

Walker said it was wrong to transfer the debt to taxpayers.

He denied cosigning for anyone's loan.

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Warnock calls for student loan debt reform

During the debate, he urged President Biden to stop student loan debt relief.

Student debt relief was pushed by me. He did a lot for people with grants.

The student loan debt crisis needs more reform.

If it weren't for student loans and grants, he wouldn't be here tonight. Since graduating, the path has gotten harder.

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Warnock and Walker clash over abortion

Walker asked if he had mentioned that there was a baby in that room.

He said that he was a man of faith and that he had a deep respect for choice.

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God gave Georgians a choice, Warnock says

He told the crowd that even God gave them a choice when he spoke before them.

He said his comment is self explanatory.

Medical decisions are made. The issue has been politicized and they're deeply personal.

He doesn't plan to join politicians in the room of patients.

Walker said that the Bible says "choose life."

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Warnock criticizes “extremist Supreme Court”

The Supreme Court overturned the decision to allow abortion.

He believes that women and their doctors should make decisions that are in their best interests.

The women of Georgia need a Senator who will support them. Women are more trusting than politicians.

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Walker faces abortion accusations head on

Walker was asked directly if he paid a previous girlfriend to get an abortion and urged her to have another.

He said he is not backing down and that the claims are a lie.

Walker said that Georgia is a state that respects life and that he has staked his campaign on that.

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Both candidates would accept outcome of election no matter the winner

The results of the election in November will be accepted by both candidates.

Both Walker and Warnock agreed with the answer that was given.

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Warnock, Walker differ on voting rights

Georgia was one of the states that made it harder to vote after the 2020 election. Corporations boycotted the state after the new rules were enacted.

The two men disagreed about the ramification of the rules.

The intent of the bill is to make voting harder.

Walker said the changes made it harder to cheat. The GOP candidate admitted that Biden won the last presidential election.

Phillip M. Bailey is the son of the late Philip M. Bailey.

Walker acknowledged Biden won 2020 election

During the debate, he admitted that Biden won the election.

Walker said that the reason he decided to run was because of the results of the presidential election. We need a change in Washington.

Donald Trump has blamed Biden's win on voter fraud and refused to concede that he lost two years ago.

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Warnock addressed Georgians' financial hardships

People feel pain at the grocery store and the gas pump.

He cited his contributions to passing the Inflation Reduction Act and a cap on the cost of prescription drugs for seniors as examples.

He accused Walker of saying he wouldn't support the measure.

He should explain to the people of Georgia why he thinks they should have expensiveinsulin.

Walker said that he believed in reducinginsulin but at the same time he needed to eat right.

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Energy independence is needed to reduce inflation, Walker says

Walker said energy independence is what can reduce high inflation rates when asked about the economy.

Walker wants us to become energy independent again. He said that oil and gas imports are a national security issue.

Walker accused him of being out of touch with Georgians.

According to Walker, Warnock mentioned that he was a member of a large family. Most people living paycheck to paycheck in this area.

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Sen. Raphael Warnock makes an opening case for reelection

The importance of his family and community was emphasized by Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in his opening statement.

The importance of hard work and how to build a community were taught to me by my family.

He said that he brought that spirit to the Senate. The choice on who is best prepared to represent Georgia is clear, according to him.

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Walker leads with faith, but pivots to Biden and culture wars

Walker began his opening statement by talking about his faith and family background, before moving on to connect with Biden.

The former football star said his opponent is going to talk to voters who are suffering under inflation and higher taxes.

Walker inserted a cultural issue at the beginning when he said that Warnock wants to put men in women's sports.

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The Walker-Warnock debate begins

The debate began at 7 pm. There is an hour and a half later. They are meeting at a hotel.

The two Senate candidates will debate for the first time.

Walker will likely face questions over reports he paid for an ex-girlfriend's abortion in 2009.

There is a person named Mabinty Quarshie.

How to watch

The debate is taking place at the Marriott. The event will be hosted by Nextstar media. Campaign-invite attendance is the only one that counts.

Everyone can watch the debate on one of Nextstar's local channels.

There is a link to the live stream.

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Georgia one of the most competitive 2022 races

One of the most important contests this fall is the Peach State contest.

Georgia is still one of the most evenly split states despite Walker's abortion controversy and other stumbles on the campaign trail.

Both The Cook Political Report and The Crystal Ball ranked it as a toss-up. According to the website FiveThirtyEight, Warnock is only marginally favored.

With few undecided voters and candidates avoiding debates, Friday's debate could be crucial for both of them.

The person is Phillip M. Bailey.

In the tight race for Georgia governor, black men emerged as key voters.

Savannah Democrats stump for Warnock

The press event was held in Monterey Square. "Savannah is the center of the political universe," Johnson said.

He was preparing for the debate, so he didn't go.

Georgia House candidate Anne Allen Westbrook and U.S. house candidate Wade Herring were also present.

Adam Van Brimmer is a reporter for the morning news.

Walker has been lowering expectations for weeks

Walker, a former football player, has downplayed his debate skills.

He said during a campaign stop that he wasn't that smart.

Walker said that he will be embarrassed at the debate.

The pastor of the Atlanta's legendary Ebeneezer Baptist Church is known for his oratorical skills.

Reports say that Walker is taking the upcoming debate seriously, despite the fact that the two wouldn't face off in a debate.

Gingrich, a Georgia native, and Graham, from South Carolina, are advising the Republican challenger. He is watching the debate that took place against the senator. Kelly loeffler is running for Senate.

The person is Phillip M. Bailey.

Abortion issue likely to arise

The Republican challenger has been criticized for his alleged hypocrisy after it was reported that he paid a woman for an abortion. Walker has been against exemptions for rape or incest during his campaign.

The topic will most likely come up tonight and be an opportunity for the incumbent Democrat to make a public comment.

Walker has denied the allegations that he urged the woman to have another abortion.

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Massive fundraising fuels campaigns

The Senate seat has attracted a lot of money.

Over the course of the last three months of the year, the campaign brought in over 30 million dollars and over 90 million dollars. Since the beginning of the campaign, Walker has raised $33 million. Walker had $7 million on hand.

Is it possible to get an abortion? What will the debate cover be?

Walker's campaign contended with the abortion controversy, but the Trump-backed super PAC bought ads in Georgia to support him. According to campaign finance transparency website Open Secrets, Warnock has raised over 10 times as much from out of state donors as he has from inside Georgia.

The Morning News of the Chatham County.

Will Walker bring up Warnock’s domestic troubles?

The personal troubles of Walker have been the subject of much discussion.

Republicans argue that Warnock's personal life is not without flaws.

The GOP brought up the messy divorce many times. The senator's ex- wife was accused in court of neglecting to visit their two young children and failing to pay child care expenses.

A political action group backing Walker released a TV spot days before the debate showing police body cam footage of a previous incident where the ex-wife of the man they were supporting said he was a good actor.

The person is Phillip M. Bailey.

Biden’s unpopularity v. ‘pattern of lies’

Ahead of their first and only debate Friday, the campaigns of the two candidates are telegraphing what they want the focus to be.

Walker plans to draw attention to the fact that the incumbent voted in favor of President Joe Biden's agenda and record-high inflation.

According to a survey, more than half of Georgia voters don't like the president.

He is going to go on the offensive as well. According to the memo, the senator will target Walker's "pattern of lies, disturbing behavior and positions."

Phillip M. Bailey is the son of the late Philip M. Bailey.

The article was originally published by USA TODAY.