The wait was worth it, as the premium cabins are getting a refresh.

The German flag carrier showed off its new products. First class becomes an enclosed suite with a privacy door and business class now features industry standard direct aisle access.

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The new product is called "Allegris" and it is a nose-to-tail upgrade. The new delivery Boeing 787-9s and the A350-900s will be the first ones. The new product will be found on the carrier's Boeing 777-9s, which will be delivered in 25 years. Allegris will replace 30,000 seats across its fleet.

"We want to set new standards for our guests," the CEO said. Our claim to be the leading Western premium airline is underpinned by the largest investment in premium products in our company's history.

We don't know much about Allegris.

Lufthansa's new first-class suite

The seats in the new first class suites will be three feet wide and the door will be three feet tall. The privacy afforded by the suite is underscored by the fact that you can change into your first class pajamas while the door is closed. The new seats are the same as the old ones.

The Holy Grail of award tickets is first class on the Boeing 747-8.

The seat will have a buddy seat with a seatbelt that will allow a companion to enjoy the service with you.

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Lufthansa's existing first-class seat. ZACH GRIFF/THE POINTS GUY

It is theoretically possible to have a face-to-face meeting or snack with a colleague or loved one while sitting on the small ottoman, though the current generation first class product doesn't officially allow for it.

There will be more information about the new suite in early 2019.

Lufthansa's new business-class seat

There is a person named Lufthansa.

The business class seats are the first of their kind. Because they were originally destined for Hainan Airlines and Philippine Airlines, the Select 787 and A350s now have direct aisle access.

There will be a suite in the row and a regular business class seat on the new seat.

There is a review of the business class on the 74 airplanes.

The suites have a monitor that is up to 27 inches. The business class suite will have a personal wardrobe. The suites will have a door.

Business class seats have walls that are at least 45 inches high and can be turned into a bed that is about 6 feet long. The inflight entertainment screens will be 17 inches and can be used to pair personal devices. The suites will have noise-canceling headphones like the ones on the flights.

The new product is a huge improvement over the old one.

Lufthansa's existing business class on the Airbus A330-300. ETHAN KLAPPER/THE POINTS GUY

There will be more information about the Allegris class in the spring.

Lufthansa's new premium economy seat

There is a person named Lufthansa.

The new premium economy seat was first introduced with Swiss last year.

The seats are made from a hard shell and can be adjusted without affecting the passengers in the back. The seats come with a monitor.

There is a premium economy on the A330.

The Swiss economy has 39 inches of pitch. It's not clear how this seat will be configured on the plane.

Lufthansa's current premium economy product. BRENDAN DORSEY/THE POINTS GUY

The new seat is a huge upgrade over the current one.

Lufthansa's new economy-class seat

Lufthansa's new economy-class seat. LUFTHANSA

The Allegris economy class seat has two product upgrades.

"Sleeper's Row 2.0" will be located in the first rows of the cabin and will have a greater seat pitch. A mattress is provided in the upgrade to the original Sleeper's Row. The concept sounds similar to Air New Zealand's Skycouch, which has received rave reviews over the years.

The second upgrade is that travelers will now be able to purchase a vacant seat next to them, which will give them more room.

Bottom line

The Allegris hard product is an upgrade for the German airline and has been in the works for many years. The challenge is to overcome the supply chain challenges that have plagued similar projects recently. Once the airline reveals more information, come back to TPG for more information.