We have full reviews of the new flagship phones from the company. We are on the seventh generation of the phone, so that is expected.

New software features and the Tensor G2 chip are included in the price of the Pixel 7 Pro. It has an ultra-wide cam that can take macro shots. The battery of the Pixel 7 Pro isn't as long as the smaller one, but it will still last a day. ThePixel 7 Pro is more expensive than most of its competitors.


The battery life is good, lasting almost 18 hours on our video rundown test, despite the fact that the hardware hasn't changed a lot. Compared to the glossy Pro, it has a nicer matt finish. The full review of both phones can be found here.

Early impressions of some new Surface PCs are included in the big Microsoft news.

The person is Mat Smith.

The biggest stories you might have missed

Google Pixel Watch review

Google and Fitbit’s imperfect marriage.


It just feels good. It is similar to a smooth, shiny pebble. As a device? The software is good, and the health- tracking integrations are great. The Pixel watch has a short battery life and a paywall that blocks health metrics. If you are looking for a Wearable that feels like a premium product, this might be it.


Microsoft's Surface Studio 2+ gets 11th-gen Intel chips and RTX 3060 graphics

No, you didn't read that CPU model wrong.


Four years have passed since we received the Surface Studio 2. It is time for a slight upgrade. Thanks to Intel's 11th-gen processor and NVIDIA's RTX 3060 graphics, the Surface Studio 2 is much faster than before. We've been impressed by the 12th-gen hybrid chips from Intel, which deliver vastly better performance than the 11th-gen CPUs. The Surface Studio 3 isn't called that because it's not called that.


Microsoft Surface Pro 9 hands-on

Can Intel and ARM models live in harmony?

We were expecting a jump up to Intel's 12th-gen CPUs in the Surface Pro 9. We were surprised by Microsoft's change for its tablets. The Surface Pro 9 has a built-in 5G chip. There are choices. You're getting tablets that can be turned into laptops with their keyboard cases.

The neural processor in the SQ3 Arm model makes it different from the Intel version. Blurring your background is one of the real-time enhancements that is included in that. According to Microsoft, it is possible to bring those features to Intel chips if they have their own neural chips.


Scientists got lab-grown human brain cells to play 'Pong'

But how long until they can play 'Doom'?


The researchers claim to have taught the cells to play a version of pong. It is the first example of a "mini-brain" being taught to carry out goals. When the paddle hit the ball, the feedback signal was consistent and strong. The culture improved after playing a game.


Roku is moving into smart home tech

It’s launching a video doorbell, cameras and smart bulbs.

Home theater and smart home devices are not the only things that have been expanded by the company. The first set of products that it collaborated on with Wyze include a smart doorbell, cameras, smart bulbs, and smart light strips. The company didn't reveal the device's specifications in advance, but previous reports suggest they are rebadged versions of Wyze products. You will be able to bring up live camera feeds on your TV using the voice remote. The company said its cameras start below $27.


Microsoft made a hybrid speaker and laptop hub

Listen to music (and meetings).

It is nice to see something different from what Microsoft has to offer. The audio dock is a combination of a speaker and a laptop hub. The design includes a 60 wattusb-c connection for charging your computer, two regularusb-c ports, an HDMI 2.0 jack, and a singleusb-a port. The audio dock's usefulness for meetings is something the company leans heavily on. There are dedicated buttons for the microphone and launching teams. There is a reason for that.