There is a floating Windows 11 menu. During his keynote presentation at Microsoft Ignite yesterday, the Microsoft CEO revealed a conceptUI. The system tray andwidgets appeared at the top of the desktop, which was quickly spotted by users of the social networking site.

The floating Windows 11 taskbar could be a concept that Microsoft is considering for touch devices. Microsoft's new Surface Studio 2 Plus has a feature that changes the size of the icons when you move the screen.

The UI changes look like a concept.
The UI changes look like a concept.
Image: Microsoft

In August, some Windows 11 testers said they were able to access the more rounded floating taskbar, but Microsoft dismissed it as a bug. A senior program manager at Microsoft said that there are a few bugs like this that change the interface. We aren't doing any A/B testing on it.

Many of the experimental features in Windows 11 aren't expected to be shipped in updates. It is possible that this is a concept that Microsoft doesn't intend to ship, but it is still surprising to see it in an official video.

We reached out to Microsoft, but they didn't reply in time for us to publish.