Firefox Relay is a service that hides your real email address by giving you virtual ones to give out. If you suspect that a company will use the relay service to send you junk mail in the future, or if you think they will share it with other people, you can give the relay service a phone number.

It is thought that giving out an alternative phone number will make it easier to block phone calls and text messages in the future. You can either block all calls or only block certain contacts. It allows you to keep your real phone number private, which is something you might want to consider if it is a number you use to receive sensitive information.

A screenshot of the Firefox Relay interface.
A screenshot of the Firefox Relay interface.
Image: Mozilla

How many times have you shared your number without considering its ramifications? Is there a question in the post? When you sign up and accept the terms of service, you agree to give your personal information to those companies and all their third-party partners. Sharing your number widely increases the chance that it will leak and end up on a caller list.

50 minutes of incoming calls and 75 text messages are included in the price of the phone number masking service. You can use the service to reply to texts from your last sender, but you can't place outgoing calls or send texts to people you don't like.

The phone number service only gives you access to one relay phone number, unlike the email relay feature, which allows you to generate multiple email addresses that forward on to your real account. The phone number masking service is more expensive at $4.99 a month, or $3.99 a month when paid annually, while the email service offers a choice between a free tier and a premium tier. The new phone number feature is only available to the US and Canada, but also includes access to email masking as part of the same subscription.

It wasn't surprising that the post didn't mention using any form of encryption on the text messages that passed through its relay service. It is worth keeping in mind if you were thinking of using Firefox Relay to receive private or confidential text messages.

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