Good news for anyone who uses their Apple Watch to gain access to their computer. 1Password 8 is now available on the device and adds some new features.

1password is a password manager. It can be used on the Apple watch to quickly access security codes and passwords. You can use it to gain access to 1Password on your Mac without having to use Touch ID or type in your Master Password. It is a game-changing thing.

Users can now add 1Password as a way to watch faces. You can pin a frequently used password for quick access if you choose to do so. If your job requires you to constantly enter a complicated password for work accounts, you can just pin it as a challenge to your Work Focus watch face. Right now, yours is doing that as well.

the Apple Watch Ultra with a the Modular watch face displaying a 1Password complication
You can see the 1Password complication in the bottom right-hand corner on this watchface.
Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

The update allows you to view all custom fields and icons, as well as sync items for offline viewing. One of the most exciting updates is the ability to view passwords in large type. There is a feature on the phone app where you can see a long, complicated password. You don't lose your place if you see the different types of characters in different colors. It works on the Apple Watch as well as on my Apple Watch Ultra. The extra clarity of my vision is appreciated.

It is easy to start, but there is some prep work involved. You will need to install the 1Password 8 app on your phone in order to get it on your Apple Watch. You can always use the Watch app to make sure it shows up on the watch. Pick a password and then tap the three-dot menu to add Apple Watch to your collection. The password can be added when editing watch faces.

The Apple Watch is best known for its health and smart features, but it is also an underappreciated security tool that makes it easier to maintain unique passwords across different accounts. It's worth trying out if you haven't already done it. If you're already a 1Password user, this is an easy way to start.