The oneworld alliance is moving. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not reading much into this.

oneworld alliance moving to Texas

The oneworld alliance's global headquarters will be located in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The company will be moving to the Skyview campus of American Airlines.

The oneworld alliance's central management team moved to New York in 2011.

The move to the headquarters of the largest airline in the world will accelerate the alliance's drive to deliver greater value. Texas is the state with the most air transportation jobs and this will allow the alliance to tap into it.

Oneworld CEO Rob Gurney described this move.

“As our industry recovers from COVID-19, alliances and partnerships have continued to deepen. With our new home in Fort Worth, we anticipate even closer collaboration with American and our member airlines as we work side by side to further grow and strengthen oneworld.”

Akbar Al Baker is the CEO of oneworld.

“It is a significant step to relocate our oneworld global headquarters to the state-of-the-art Robert L. Crandall Campus to be close to American Airlines, one of our founder members. Its home hub at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest airports in our alliance and serviced by eight members, demonstrating its unrivalled connectivity and importance to travellers as a global hub.”

oneworld is co-locating with American Airlines

Are there any implications to this move?

It makes sense that the oneworld alliance would move to the Dallas area since it is the hub airport of the alliance. SkyTeam is based in Amsterdam, while Star Alliance is based in the German city of Lufthansa.

The oneworld alliance's headquarters was a bit odd. Even though the oneworld alliance didn't have a member airline in Canada, it was still based in the city. The alliance moved to New York, which is a global business hub, but not a major hub for any oneworld airlines.

It makes sense to move to American Airlines' headquarters. This will result in significant cost savings and it will make it easier for the alliance to work with American Airlines. The only surprise is that the alliance isn't moving.

The oneworld alliance is the most impressive alliance I have seen in a long time. Oneworld continues to grow despite other alliances giving up on growing. With the addition of Alaska Airlines and Royal Air Maroc in the past couple of years, oneworld has continued to grow and is expected to get a new member soon.

Oman Air will be joining the oneworld alliance soon

Bottom line

The oneworld alliance will be moving its headquarters to Texas. The alliance will be able to be closer to its largest member airline because of this. There shouldn't be a lot of implications as a consumer.

The oneworld alliance is moving to Fort Worth.