Why Kylian Mbappe feels betrayed by PSG (1:54)

The broken promises have caused Kylian Mbappe to want out of Paris. There is a time and a place for it.

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Three years ago, we predicted that Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland would be the next great rivalry. I don't take credit for that one, it was not rocket science. They seem to have a keen awareness of who they are and the leverage they have.

There was a reminder of this in the past week as speculation mounted over the futures of both Haaland andMbappe, despite them inking new contracts in the past six months.

According to media in Spain, Erling Haaland's agents made sure to include a release clause in his contract when he moved to Manchester City. The release clause, which can only be triggered by clubs outside the premier league, stands at 200 million, according to The Athletic.

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On Tuesday, hours before Paris Saint-Germain's draw with Benfica, my colleague Julien Laurens reported that Kylian Mbappe was looking for an exit from the club, with his family suggesting he made a mistake when he extended his contract in May.

Their predecessors had a similar contrast. Even though Messi stayed at Barcelona for 18 years, there was a chance he would leave once he was 30. He moved when he was 34 years old due to a global epidemic, a financial meltdown and the tenure of a Barcelona president who was popular with bed bugs.

The 18-year-oldRonaldo joined Manchester United. He was told by Sir Alex Ferguson that he was going nowhere for another year. He moved to Real Madrid for a world record fee.

Before the age of 23 -- which is how old Mbappe is now and how old Haaland will be next summer -- Messi andRonaldo had moved once as professionals. He is at his fourth club. There has been a lot of speculation over their futures.

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Since they were teenagers, Messi andRonaldo had been at some of the biggest clubs in the world. During the Sir Alex era, players don't want to leave clubs such as Barcelona or Real Madrid. The same can't be said for Haaland's previous clubs, with all due respect to Salzburg, and the eternal question of whether the Qataris will maintain their ownership of the club.

Both Haaland and Mbappe were able to negotiate for themselves the sort of escape hatch that gives them tremendous leverage over their current clubs.

He was six days away from free agency when he refused to extend his deal with Paris Saint-Germain. He signed a three-year deal, but it was actually a two-year deal with a player option for a third season. Assuming it's true, he would be a free agent again in 2024, and with just a single year remaining, would have tremendous leverage if he wanted to move as early as next summer.

Talk of Haaland's release clause has hit the media, and while nobody's yet shown proof of it, that kind of leverage has always been a part of his career plans given how he had it at past clubs. Lynne Cameron - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

The agency run by the late Mino Raiola and Rafaela Pimenta made sure that Haaland had a release clause at every club he joined.

The reports may be correct. He doesn't have a release clause for Real Madrid or any other team according to the manager. All I can say is that it is not true. Shut and open? It's not really possible.

Because the clause doesn't kick in until 2024, it doesn't technically exist at the moment. All parties must deny its existence according to the clause. Who doesn't know?

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There are two things that are pretty obvious. The amount of transparency over release clauses is ridiculous. Since the player and his agent know whether the release clause exists and what sort of bidtriggers it, there is no point in having it. There were similar shenanigans with Haaland. It would be weird if Haaland's camp didn't insist on a release clause, given that they have always done so and given the huge amount of leverage the 60m clause at Dortmund has.

It would be odd if they were denied a clause. Even at the expense of letting older players go, they've been quite disciplined in terms of handing out contracts even if they're free-spending.

If someone is willing to pay 200m for Haaland, you will get two great years out of him. You would be talking to him about a new deal at that point. Is he really leaving? You have made a 140m transfer profit.

Mbappe's sudden decision to speak out about wishing to leave PSG also shows how he has worked to give himself an escape from his current deal. Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

You might wonder why a club would agree to a release clause in the first place. A player might ask for a release clause in order to accept a lower salary than he wants. The player is betting that his value on the open market will be better than the release clause. Rather than giving the difference between market value and release clause to his current club, a prospective buyer will give it to the player.

These are not to be confused with the kind of clauses you often hear about in LaLiga. These are the amounts that a player has to pay in order to become a free agent in Spain. The whole thing is ridiculous because the player is supposed to pay out of his own pocket. In practice, they are set so high to be meaningless that no one will give Benzema a billion dollars to buy his release from Real Madrid.

When Haaland joined City, the release clause scenario was what happened. His market value was three times that of his release clause. Some of the 120m City saved went to things Haaland wanted, such as a hefty commission for his agents, a favorable bonus structure and it probably made them more willing to include the release clause.

For the simple reason that bolting to a new destination is easy with the contracts they have, the choices made by Haaland and Mbappe seem to go beyond guaranteed money. Some will argue that it's a sign of player power or something similar. If you need to be named Kylian or Erling in order to take advantage of it, it's not really player power or a generation's worth of attention.

It's similar to the button on a fighter jet that only a few will ever get to use, and the soft landing is guaranteed.