He said that a bad faith secretary of state can cause a lot of trouble.

The Georgia Secretary of State, who refused to help Trump overturn the 2020 election results, was backed by Kinzinger. Kinzinger gave an endorsement to the Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona.

Kinzinger, who did not seek reelection this year, is making endorsements through his leadership political action committee. There were a few federal candidates on his endorsement list. He supported Evan McMullin, the 2016 presidential candidate who is running an independent challenge to Sen. Mike Lee in Utah.

"It's easy for me as a pushed-out or homeless Republican to just stick with Republicans and kind of go away for the general election." We want to put our money in the correct place. If the defense of democracy isn't upheld, the union will be brought down.

Kinzinger said he will do a little traveling for the races, but his focus will be turning out supporters in these races and helping with raising money and advertising.

The member of the committee supports longshot candidates in Connecticut's blue 1st District and in Arizona's red 5th District, as well as a Republican state House candidate in Minnesota.

Allies of Trump look to win control of the country's election infrastructure with the endorsements. A group of his allies backed Raffensperger during his primary, and recently launched a recruitment effort for "pro-democracy" candidates, with a particular focus on election official positions.

Over the weekend, Trump rallied with a pair of Republican secretary of state candidates who have embraced conspiracy theories about Trump losing the election. Two of the core members of the America First Secretary of State Coalition are running for office.

Recent polls from CNN in each state show them with small leads over Aguilar and Fontes.