The demise of the headphones jack continues today. The Surface Pro 9 has a 3.5mm connection. The tech specs page no longer lists a headphone jack as one of the device's "connections." It is present on the same page for theSurface Pro 8.

The result is that the Intel and Arm versions of the Surface Pro 9 are in the same enclosure. The Surface Pro X has never had a 3.5mm jack, so now, the Intel hardware is coming in line with that design direction

I think it's a more controversial omission. What's the reason? The Surface Pro 8's outer enclosure is the same size as the new universal one.

Both Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 8 are powered by Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 8 has a width of 207mm and a height of 0.38 inches.

The length is 7.3 inches and the width is 8.2 inches.

At the time, the Surface Pro X hardware was thinner than Microsoft's Intel hardware. Eliminating the 3.5mm jack was a good idea. We have lost the headphones jack for the same model as last year. Is it possible they couldn't fit it on there?

The only thing missing from the Surface Laptop 5 is a jack for the headphones. There is at least one laptop that is safe, at least from Microsoft. If you spend over $4,000 for the Surface Studio 2 Plus, you retain the 3.5mm connection.

In the case of Microsoft, we seem to have reached the point where they are comfortable not using tablets. I like the new forest green Surface Pro 9, but this trend is a bad thing.