I'm not on time. I'm not on time. It was an important date. That's the motto of the GOOGLE POLE WATCH. Over the last seven years, Apple has been honing its watches to be well-oiled machines. Late.

It's normal for a first-gen watch to be a little rough. It's disappointing that the Pixel Watch doesn't get a lot of attention, it's more of a skip, like a pebble on water. The user experience is easy to understand and leaves an impression.

The wrist watch has something on it.

There is a photograph of the internet search engine, Google.

One of the things I like about the Pixel Watch is its comfort. I can feel the Series 8 on my skin with the Apple Watch. My large wrist makes it easy to forget about the watch. There's only one size, 41mm, and my partner found it comfortable on her small wrists.

You can choose between two models, one with cellular and one without. The Pixel Watch is not compatible with the iPhone. It's only for phones that are powered by the operating system.

I've tried a lot of watches, but I think the prettiest one I've tried is the one from the search engine. I think a circle is better than a square. From the way my finger slides on the domed glass to the way the materials catch the light, thePixel Watch is lovely to look at.

The design has flaws. It can be difficult to press the top button because it rests on the bottom of the case. You have to dig your finger in a bit. When you scroll through an email or long message on the AMOLED screen, it's cramped because it's colorful and bright. It would be great to have a larger size for people who want it.

The Apple Watch is rated at 5 ATM, which means it can survive depths of up to 50 meters. If possible, I wouldn't get it wet. The glass protecting the screen is more concerning than the fact that the case is more durable than most watches. The domed glass is not as durable as it might appear. I'm not sure if a ding against a wall will make it look better. This glass protection is made out of Gorilla Glass 5, which is more scratch- resistant than sapphire crystal. It might just be a matter of time before they show up.