The M’s let a win get away

The Houston Astros are a great place to visit.

The Astros won the first game of the series. They might be sad Tuesday afternoon. Depending on where they go from here on their arcs, it may be just another building block into a Mariners era, another character builder that helps them win a World Series one day. This season has already been good for the team and losing this series won't really hurt them. If theMariners go on to do better, that is the only thing that will happen. The demons will come if they continue to do things like this.

It was there, yet. There was a strike there.

There is a difference between the playoffs and regular baseball. There has to be a different way of managing it. In a five game series, you have to get any win you can. You have to be a little less patient with the first few days, a little more patient with the last few days, and pull some levers you wouldn't think of in June. That doesn't mean you have to

It's a tradition to call on the starting pitchers to come out of thepen. It is only needed in a very specific situation. You can't figure out how to get out a plus lineup when you don't have a starter and only a couple of relief pitchers. The Nationals were able to win the World Series by rotating through their starting pitchers, but they only had three relief pitchers that they could count on. There was a chance that it could happen.

That is not the case with the Mariners. They had the best relief corps in the American League. It's not easy to think that Ray is a better option than Paul Sewald, who came out of the pen all year with a 2.67 earned run average. Sewald is responsible for it. In the past eight seasons, Ray has only appeared in one game.

If manager Scott Servais really needed to find a lefty to face Yordan Alvarez, and he didn't because he has pulverized lefties this year pretty much to the same tune as righties, Matthew Boyd was out there, and this is his job, he wouldn'

Sewald performed well in the Wild Card round, which may have scared Servais. Ray was cuffed around the ears in his one start against the Blue Jay's. Recency bias wouldn't account for this Sewald held Alvarez to one hit over the course of two years. A soft single doesn't mean that Sewald lost it. It was simply an excuse for Servais to work hard.

Doing something for the sake of doing it was not right. To show that a manager didn't understand his own team when he treated a playoff game differently. It was similar to Stanley Kubrick's "Look what I'm doing..."

The sting of this one should be lessened by the time the baseball team makes it to the World Series. You can't know. The chances aren't guaranteed. Their manager was too busy to manage on TV.

No one does awkward like the NHL

The meat of the NHL season began in New York, and someone thought it was a good idea for a ref to welcome us into it.

Chris Rooney was only wearing a mic for TV for this, and you can tell that he is confused by the fact that he is not looking at them. They might have thought he was having a problem. The team captains are welcomed by the referee at the Super Bowl. They arrived at the same time you did. NHL refs are going to Thailand.