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People with deafness are everywhere. CEOs, doctors, Fortune 500 executives, NASA engineers, mayors, lawyers, scientists, gaming champion, athletes, and Presidential appointees are some of the people. Most employers still don't pay much attention to this minority. Every workplace can benefit from the experiences of the deafness community. Communication and understanding your market and customers can be improved by using them. Employees who are blind can improve the quality of your products, services, and the overall user experience. Inclusive excellence depends on equity and belonging. The values foster environments where differences are embraced as catalysts for growth. Employers who engage with this large population will discover a pool of talent that will enhance and advance their organizations.

Hearing and using spoken language to communicate anchor most of our world and workplace today Most professional services are conducted through people speaking audibly with each other, and many people rely on video, radio, and television for information, learning, and entertainment. The common belief is that the solution to deafness is curing hearing differences or getting accommodations to bridge communication between deafness and hearing people.