Daniel Jones

The season was supposed to be about closing the book. The two most important players of the Dave Gettleman era were Saquon and Daniel. After missing a lot of starts over the past two seasons, he seems rejuvenated. Brian Daboll has found a way to work with Danny Dimes.

Since being drafted seventh overall, Jones has been a disappointment. The buzz around Jones has been building since New York declined his fifth year option. Jones may be able to convince the Giants to bring him back for one more try after his steady play in the win over the Packers.

They should stop thinking about Jimmy Garoppolo before it's too late. Giants fans have grown accustomed to giving Jones a grade on a curve. Jones was pretty decent on Sunday. He completed 21 passes for 217 yards against the Packers.

Jones led the sixth comeback or game-winning drive of his four-year career against the Packers in London. Three of those comebacks have been ridden by Jones. In week 5, he passed 200 yards for the first time.

As the Giants have won, Jones has felt like the vestigial element of a Giants offense that could be operated by any bipedal athlete with experience in high level football. He should ignore Kyler Murray and Josh Allen. Murray and Allen have both thrown for at least 200 in every game this season.

The missed field goal pushed them over.500 for the first time in two years. In New York's Week 2 win over Carolina, Jones' 3rd and 6 scramble sealed the deal, but that was against the team in the midst of a losing streak. Jones threw for 71 yards in a victory over the Bears.

Jones was able to keep airing it out too often because of Daboll's foresight. Jones has been used as a decoy in RPOs as well as a gadget player. Through the first five games of the season, New York has been the team to beat. While avoiding negative plays, Jones worked with a weakened receiving corps. On the Giants final two scoring drives, Jones threw more safety valve throws to running backs and tight ends than he did to wide receiver. A big part of Jones' 217 yards on Sunday were the result of a short catch-and-run by Barkley on the game winning drive.

The Giants went to the Wildcat to win the game. Jones is similar to a Giants quarterback. A drab passer but a member of a project. He can still read directions from the passenger seat, even though he won't be leading the Giants to victories. The journey is more important than the destination. The Giants should be happy with this start, but shouldn't read too much into it.