According to Mark Gurman, the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Keyboard are likely to be the last ones.

airpods usb c ken pillonelAirPods Charging Case with USB-C port by Ken Pillonel.

The European Parliament approved a new directive this week that will force manufacturers to provide a common charging port for all devices in Europe by the end of the year. According to Gurman, Apple is preparing to make changes to its devices to meet the new legal requirements.

According to Gurman, most of Apple's products will be available before the legislation's application deadline. He claims that the EU's mandate will be beaten by a year with the introduction of the iPhone 15. By the end of the year, the entry level iPad should be the only iPad that still has a lightning port.

If Apple releases a new model with a Lightning port in March of 2024, it will be in compliance with EU law since it would launch before the end of the year, but any new model released in the years between then and then would need to comply with the law.

When new versions of the Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic TrackPad are released, they will need to be switched on. He thinks there will be several major Mac updates next year, including a new iMac and a Mac Pro.

Gurman thinks that the era of the 30-pin iPod connection will be shorter than the era of theusb-c, at least for Apple's mobile devices The iPod and Lightning will be on new Apple devices for around 11 years each before they were phased out, and Gurman still believes that "Apple's future is wireless and that some version of the canceled Air Power dream will still eventually come to fruition."

At some point in the next few years, Apple will probably begin transitioning entirely to inductive charging on the iPhone and the iPad, a move that largely exempts the devices from EU law mandating the inclusion of ausb-c port.