The company said in emails to customers and staff that seven of its cars were found to have a manufacturing flaw.

The Chief Executive Officer wrote to staff on Friday that the front steering wheel may not have been Torqued properly.

In rare circumstances the fastening has loosened completely. This is extremely rare, but it reinforces why we are acting with caution.

The cost to perform the change was not material, according to a statement from a Rivian spokesman. The vehicle exams would be free at the Rivian Service Center.

The issue is not expected to persist as Rivian has stopped producing vehicles with the insufficiently Torqued Steering Knuckles.

Rivian, a company backed by Amazon and Ford, has faced challenges this year, including backlash from customers after raising its prices for pre-order. A number of shareholder lawsuits claimed that the company artificially inflated its share price and under priced its cars.

The company delivered more cars in the third quarter than it did in the second quarter.

According to analyst estimates, Rivian lost more than $3 billion during the first half of the year.