Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich delivered to your cabin on the cruise line? You will pay five bucks for it.

The new room service menu was posted on the company's Facebook page by John Heald. When ordering between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., continental breakfast and select salads were free. Breakfast is free now.

Salads are $4 to $5, sandwiches are $5 to $7, and dessert is $3 to $5. Chicken tenders and pan pizza are now more expensive than they were before.

If you come back late from an excursion and want to eat lunch in your room, it's going to cost you around fifteen dollars.

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Why has it changed? Heald said on his Facebook account that food waste was one of the reasons for the nominal fees. There will be a few who will say'shut up Heald this is all about profit'.

Many travelers would order multiple sandwiches and food items and leave 70% or more un eaten. We have all seen those plates.

The statement from Carnival Cruise Line matches what Heald said. "Updating our room service menu to expand options on an a la carte basis, while maintaining a complimentary breakfast offering each morning, is consistent with trends across the industry and provides us opportunities to continue to work towards meeting our various sustainable goals."

The Deli venue on the cruise ship pool decks is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Guy's Burger Joint is one of the complimentary and casual Carnival venues.

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Sometimes the type of food you want can't be found at the time you want it. It's not possible to get a Greek salad at the deli. It's so much easier to have food delivered than to send someone out to bring plates of food back for everyone, and complimentary room service is also a huge help to parents with small kids.

There is a guide to cruise ship food.

Room service fees are becoming more common. Delivery fees have been charged by Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line. Royal Caribbean has an 18% gratuity for room service orders, but you can still order as much food as you want. The price includes a 20% gratuity.

The price of a room service meal for multiple people is now higher than that of its competitors because of Carnival's move to a la carte.

Fans of carnival are not happy. "These look to be the same sandwiches and desserts we use to get for free, and they were mediocre," a reader wrote in response to Heald's claims.

On a cruise ship, what not to eat is related.

The lines for pizza and sandwiches were long when I got off the cruise ship.

cruisers can either pay the fees or go to one of the many eateries on the ship, but they see the change as chipping away at all the things they loved about vacationing on a cruise ship

One person commented on Heald's Facebook page and said that it broke his heart. The little things that made cruising so special are being taken away by carnival. We would order a couple of sandwiches and a piece of cake and decide what to do the next day after looking at the printed schedule. I miss that.

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