The fund took a small stake in the company and questioned their ability to regain investor confidence and boost the share price.

Despite the fact that your stock is entering a dangerous free-fall, research analysts are not convinced that the bottom has been reached. According to the letter, the company's largest shareholder is Petrus, with a stake of less than 3%.

The two people were asked if they could master the challenges ahead and if they could present a convincing plan while reviewing all options.

Private equity firms were interested in buying the Swiss company about a year ago, according to a report. The firm is a top takeover target according to several analysts.

The top takeover targets in Europe have been identified.

The company ignored the interests of private equity investors.

A representative for the company didn't reply to the request for comment.

The improved offer from Advent International and Centerbridge Partners for Aareal Bank was pushed by Petrus.

‘New Targets’

Klaus Umek stated in April that the firm was looking for new targets.

The mid-term plan for the firm was questioned by the fund.

If you don't explain how the company will achieve its ambitious goals, you will lose the capital market community further. The company has lost a lot of credibility and placed its guidance on two contracts that are still to be won.

According to the letter, "Your communication with capital markets seems out of touch."