Nathaniel Hackett (left) and Russell Wilson

The Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos will play on Thursday Night Football. The teams were seen as the favorites in their divisions entering the year. This game is even more important because it hasn't been that good for either squad.

After four games, it was clear that the Denver Broncos weren't going to take over the Kansas City Chiefs' throne. The Broncos are fortunate to be at 2-2. Russell Wilson and the offense seem to be stuck in the mud.

Wilson threw for over 300 yards in the Week 1 loss to Seattle. He hasn't topped 241 since then. Denver scored 23 points in the loss to Las Vegas. The Broncos have competed in all of these games because of the defense.

There is a lot of blame to go around for the offense of Denver. The Broncos allowed the Raiders to score 32 points last week, but that happened when the defense was on the field for more than 10 minutes. The offense punted five times and the Broncos were just 3 for 11 on third downs.

There needs to be a resolution to the deal between Wilson and Nathaniel. They can't seem to get on the same page a month into it Wilson isn't brought in to take the ball out of his hands in crunch time. It is too early in the year for that to happen. Let the Super Bowl-winning Pro Bowl QB take the blame if you must fail.

Indianapolis was expected to be the top team in the South. That has not been the case, as they have also started a new era with a new quarterback in Matt Ryan. Once again, the Colts were off the mark and a couple years too late in bringing in a veteran QB to maximize his experience. Phillip Rivers was brought in for the last year of his career in 2020 and he was much better than the player he was with the Bolts. They took a chance on him last year.

The Colts brought in Ryan, who is past his prime, in order to complete the trio. If Jonathan Taylor wasn't off to a slow start, it wouldn't be so bad. Taylor ran for 161 yards in the first week of the season. He has gained 167 yards on the ground since then. Taylor has been ruled out of the Thursday night game with an ankle injury. The Colts won't have the threat of Taylor on the field now.

There hasn't been much good out of Indy for Colts fans. The stud runner hasn't been able to get going, and now he's out with an injury. The quarterback you brought in as an upgrade hasn't been what you wanted. Ryan has been better over the last two weeks, but he only won one game. One big win over a powerhouse doesn't get you into the playoffs.

It's difficult to know what to expect from these teams. One team is being held back by their coach and lack of chemistry, while the other features an over-the-hill quarterback and a star player. This will turn out to be an entertaining high- scoring affair because nobody expects it. If Russ cooks, Denver should win at home. Let the man do what he does best.