Dumpy, an Australian white frog, went global this week. It's really huge. A unit. Dumpy is not actually that large. He doesn't like bananas.

The perfect frog name is Dumpy, which is owned by Frog Guy Lucas Peterson. In the video, the froggo can be seen eating a lot of bananas. The clip is just an editing flex on the part of the person who made it.

His real diet is not this one. The caption said it was just for fun and comedy. He eats a lot of crickets in his garden. His actual size is about 4-5 inches.

Frog Confusion

Many people didn't get the memo.

One person wrote that they need someone to make sense of the situation for them. What's happening here?

I thought the frog was tomato-sized. TikTokker was incredulous that you had a bowling ball. If I have questions, I'll excuse myself.

"Dumpy might not be this big but he is a real frog of mine," wrote another, which prompted Peterson to respond with a laugh, "ha ha sure."

Absolute Unit

Dumpy is four or five inches in length. The truth is that any of these domesticated animals just eat crickets. Africa's giant goliath frog can get this big.

Do we want Dumpy to be a really big monster? That would be great, but we love this king as he is.

It's an absolute group. One user commented on someone showing off their own white frog and said it looked like a sentient zucchini fritter. The frog had a rating of 10.

The experts are alarmed by the amount of Frogs for the Frog Army.