In the wake of a Adderall shortage, there have been many Agitation, unrest, and unease.

The pharmacy shortage began in August and continued into September, and now Bloomberg has reached out to patients in multiple states to address the shortage. There were supply chain challenges for both instant and extended-release versions of the drug, according to a Walgreens spokesman. In most cases, the company said it was able to fulfill the subscription.

The people prescribed to take the drug are an indicator of the drug's shortage.

In an interview with Vice, a patient described how he called 16 pharmacies in two days, desperate to reup his medication after being told it would take two to three months.

The patient said that his life was turned upside down. My ability to deliver both at work and in my personal life is compromised.

Adderall is used to treat patients with attention-deficit hyper activity disorder. For those diagnosed, its use helps them adhere to the sometimes rigidly uncompromising time structures and deadlines imposed by jobs and other obligations.

"People become very adamant about having their medicine, not because they are abusing the drugs, but because they realize how important the medicine is to their daily functioning at work and at home," David W.

Adderall gets a bad reputation for abuse, not only recreationally but also as a performance enhancing drug in competition, academics and in the workplace, a reality that gets tied up in the general stigma surrounding mental health.

One patient told Vice that the stigma made them feel like criminals for trying to take care of themselves and their mental health.

The FDA has not yet declared a shortage despite the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists listing mixed salt amphetamines in its shortage list.

Some of the drug's scarcity can be attributed to one of its major manufacturers. Some of it has been attributed to the increase in prescriptions during the Pandemic, as more people were able to get a prescription via the internet. The regularity of shortages is unacceptable and likely to be avoided.

It's odd that there weren't any lessons learned during the Adderall shortage or the more recent one that's been building since 2019.

You can feel the worry rising in the air. Watching people lose their minds in real time is a future paradigm of medication shortages. It is cruel to deprive people of their medication. In the age of social media, anxiety and pain can be seen and heard.

The atmosphere online is both funny and ironic. It can be a bit unnerving for an onlooker. Users joke about how annoying they're going to be without their medication. They will talk about the rationing of Adderall, the inability of their pharmacy to help them, and the threat of losing their jobs.

"As someone who lives with someone who takes and needs Adderall, I'm seeing first-hand just how awful the effects of this Adderall shortage are," one person wrote. It's terrible that no one is doing anything to help people who are having to go without their medication.

The study found that the therapy was effective at reducing anxiety and depression.