A Wednesday night post on the support forum addressed problems players have had with connections, as well as missing account items and account troubles.

A critical login server has been patched to help it hold up under the load, which is why many of us are stuck at the loading screen. In order to handle the onrush of players, the player databases have been slowly scaled up.

No player data has been wiped or lost according to the company.

The ability to connect to the server is the first issue for a game that takes place entirely online, but there are other major headaches for fans. The requirement to have a registered postpaid phone number in order to play the game is being relaxed.

If you've ever played the first game on PC, you're in that group as well as anyone who's played the console editions since June 9th. Friday is when the change is expected to be implemented.

It should address players who were cut off from the game, as well as accounts they had spent time and money on. It's unlikely to fix everything for everyone, but it's an issue for many people in the US and around the world who don't have a phone number.

For those of us who have overcome all of those hurdles and log in only to find our accounts missing many items, play history, and other associated data, there are a few problems it is working to fix.

Player data has not been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that can't be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will give updates as more information becomes available.

The basic details on cross-progression and account mergers are listed here. There are more fixes on the way. Many people with properly merged accounts were stopped from logging in. If people are missing characters that should be unlocked, logging back in should fix it, and if it doesn't, they should open a ticket with support.

There is a longer list of known issues you can check out if none of these things cover your problem.