Wembanyama, Henderson put on a show in duel of top NBA prospects (1:38)

In Las Vegas, Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson face off against each other.

10:46 PM AST

Victor Wembanyama's performance on Tuesday could affect the NBA's tanking and trade market this season, but his agent insists that there's no plan to listen to those who suggest shutting down the projected No.

"NBA people want me to shut him down, but we are not going to shut him down," Ndiaye said. He will look at us and ask what we are talking about. He won't agree to that. He wants to improve. It's basketball first with Victor. He was so angry that he lost.

Wembanyama's brilliance was met with a performance out of G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson, who is expected to be the second overall pick in the draft. It has been rare to have both players show such a high level of skill in a head-to-head performance.

As impressive as Henderson's potential appears as a franchise lead guard, it is Wembanyama's unprecedented combination of size, skill and substance at 18 years old that enthralled approximately 200 NBA executives and scouts in attendance in suburban Las Vegas and made them believe that this will be a One GM said thatVictor distorts basketball reality. After that showing, the tank/trade market will change. It feels like last night will be the beginning of a race to the bottom.

His performance in Metropolitans 92's loss to the G League Ignite -- 37 points, seven 3-pointers and five blocks -- was an exclamation point on what teams had already believed: He's a historic talent. He's not even close to what he's going to be, as a general manager on a team with a chance to contend for the No. 1 overall pick. He will be the center of attention.

The impact of Wembanyama's performance on national television in the United States is expected to become a factor in how aggressively teams will join the race to the bottom of the table. Front offices have a better chance to sell a strategy after Tuesday night. According to multiple top basketball executives, their own ownership groups expressed a better understanding of the transformational value of drafting Wembanyama, and the steps it would take to give their teams the best odds at drafting him. The possibility of Henderson, the G League Ignite guard who had 28 points and nine assists Tuesday, is looming as the second overall pick makes a stronger case for teams to bottom out.

The play-in tournament has made it possible for teams to acquire players at the trade deadline instead of dumping them. Teams starting slowly this year could decide to go in the other direction, unloading players and sitting others out.

There will be a race to the bottom, but also an opportunity to acquire more impact players in deals. The February trade deadline is less than a month away. The NBA changed the odds of the draft lottery to make it harder for teams to tank. The teams with the three worst records have a 27% chance of landing.

Wembanyama has a well-rounded background that makes him even more intriguing. It's no surprise that he would reject the idea of changing his regimen to protect his body and draft status.

The invitation to play in these showcase games in Vegas made the long trek to the US to play a road game with NBA rules and referees questioning the risk-reward. If jet lag made him play poorly, what would it be? He might suffer an injury. The journey turned out to be a boon for Wembanyama's debut in the U.S. His agent said that Wembanyama suggested to him that he try to get 50 points on Thursday. He needs to deliver a victory.

Ndiaye said they came to expose Victor to everyone and teach him what the next 15 years of his life will look like. We wanted to learn. He needs to be the best he can be. He might struggle in the next game. He needs to know how to stay consistent. Be better and learn. The NBA season is in danger of being altered by it all.