Considering the backlash the platform has experienced over its increased focus on video content, it seems like the worst time to announce more ads on the platform. We are going to see ads on the Explore tab and in profiles as a result of this.

When you first open the tab on the Explore page, you'll see a grid of photos and videos, which is where businesses can put ads. An example of a large ad taking up a large portion of the Explore grid can be found onInstagram.

An image showing an add on Instagram’s Explore page
Ads could show up with a “sponsored” tag on the explore homepage.
Image: Instagram

The ad has a sponsored label along with the name of the account and a "Learn more" button so you can see it's an ad. It would be inconvenient to have it shoved in the grid like that.

Profiles are not safe from ads. You can see the ads in the stream of photos on the person's profile. The platform will only put ads in non-teen, public profiles and will allow creators in the US to make money from these ads.

Meta is looking to make money off of ads posted to Facebook. After a single loop, the company is testing post-loop video ads that last anywhere from four to 10 seconds. Users can skip the ad, and once they do, the Reel will play again. It is experimenting with carousel ads at the bottom of Facebook. I don't use TikTok and I don't use Reels to watch short-term video content, so I'm hoping these types of ads don't make their way to the photo sharing site.

The revenue of Facebook dropped for the first time last quarter. The company has already shown that it is willing to go to great lengths to get ahead of other platforms like TikTok, even if it means disobeying users on the popular photo sharing app. It's not clear what paid features will look like, but Meta is working on them.