An image of two models in what appears to be pixelated, but entirely real, clothing is shown.

I didn't pay much attention to the shows at Paris Fashion Week because I can't afford them. Even though they made my eyes question reality, I spotted some pieces that thrilled my brain.

At its show this past weekend, the fashion house sent two models down the runway in clothes that looked like they were out of a video game. I thought the looks in the photos were fake when I first looked at them. They might be new fashion offerings in the metaverse, like Meta feverish to make digital designer clothes happen. There are some outliers like Gucci bags in Roblox that are worth thousands.

I was surprised to learn that the clothes from the Spring 2023 collection were not part of a digital campaign, but real pieces that could be touched with your hands and worn on the street.

A collage of two pixelated designs from Loewe side by side.

The internet's role in our lives was thrown into relief by the pieces' rendering. Think about what it would take for a couple of humans to make a lot of things in an online space. Fashion fans seem to be digging this idea. Many people were saying that the clothes were real or fake and that made me feel seen.