Wembanyama, Henderson put on a show in duel of top NBA prospects (1:38)

In Las Vegas, Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson face off against each other.

2:43 AM ET

Victor Wembanyama put on a show for Chris Paul and A'ja Wilson at the Dollar Loan Center, scoring 37 points.

Henderson led his team to a victory.

At halftime, Wembanyama's Metropolitans 92 team, a pro squad from France, was down 71-54 before he came to their rescue.

"At some point, it was about taking over because our team needed players to step up because we were down," said Wembanyama, who admitted playing longer quarters for the first time. It is difficult to come back from such a lead. You need to do what you have to do.

Henderson was 11-for-21 and led his team to the win with his own display of impressive shots, drives and dunks, including a 3-pointer and reverse layup.

He didn't think about the game as a match between himself and Wembanyama.

He said after the game that it was just basketball on a stage. I took away something from this night.

The teams played a game on Tuesday night in Henderson, which is about 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The teams will play again in the afternoon.

Wembanyama was in the US for the first time. A number of notable players and NBA reps were on hand to see him up close.

Wilson and Gray sat on the baseline as they watched the game from the sideline. The front-row seats were occupied by the Suns stars and free agents.

Gray was positive about Wembanyama. It's nice to be that big and tall.

Paul came to the game because of his passion for basketball.

Paul is a fan of the game. The guys are trying to get into the league.

The NBA teams were in the same building as the draft lottery was taking place. The Los Angeles Lakers general manager was one of nearly 200 NBA representatives who were given credentials for the game.

The reporters from France and Brazil attended as well.

Wembanyama and Henderson were up to the task.

Wembanyama started the game playing point guard on one of his team's first possessions, spinning off a defender and double pumping on a layup off the backboard, which thrilled the crowd. His offense was mostly stagnant after a couple of blocks.

The Metropolitans 92 coach said that he was amazed by the man. He can do a lot with his size, his agility, and his ability to shoot the 3. He made some very nice passes. He will learn from the first half of the game. He has to fight more because he knows he's going to be attacked.

One Eastern Conference NBA scout said they've never seen anyone like him, after Wembanyama showed off some of the other moves. Wembanyama blocked Henderson's layup attempt in the fourth quarter as his team took the lead, after he hit multiple 3-pointers that helped them get back into the game.

Some players come along and are special. He is a special talent.

According to conversations with some of the NBA people who watched the game, Wembanyama may be in his own category for the NBA draft in three years.

The former NBA All-Star was asked if he had ever seen Wembanyama.

He said that the kids are getting rarer and rarer. They're getting bigger. They are larger than ever. I wanted to see it first hand.