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Are you looking for a frightening place to stay? Is it possible to stay at one of the most haunted hotels in the world?

There are many haunted hotels around the world, from glamorous Hollywood high-rises to regal Indian palaces.

Eight of our favorites around the world are said to have some supernatural guests. It seems that ghosts like to stay in overnight accommodations.

The Stanley Hotel


The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining"

The rooms on the fourth floor are thought to be the most haunted. The concert hall, where Harry Houdini once performed, is one of the most haunted places in The Stanley. Many guests have reported hearing pianos being played by themselves in the basement.

The grandiose mountain resort in Estes Park, Colorado is said to be haunted by ghosts of wealthy hotel patrons, children who used to stay there and former staff members.

The ghost of Mrs. Smith is fond of tidying up rooms and organizing luggage. The spirit of Lord Dunraven, who is said to steal jewelry, hides it in the closet and likes to breathe down the back of your neck, should be avoided by ladies.

The Stanley Hotel has a cash rate of $329 a night. It's not necessary to stay at the hotel for a taste of the past. You can get a tour of the hotel for $30.

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I stayed at the 'haunted' Stanley Hotel.

The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa


A hotel dating back to 1769 is likely to have a few phantom spirits. Theodore Roosevelt gave a campaign speech on the front lawn at the hotel that has hosted U.S. presidents.

The first president to stay at the inn was Abraham Lincoln, who came with his family to escape the heat. Mary Todd Lincoln, the widow of Abraham Lincoln, is said to wander the property with one of her sons and sometimes displaces household items.

You can book with cash rates starting at $299 per night.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel


In New Orleans, phantom guests can be found in many of the hotels.

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel has a reputation for being haunted. There was a convent and orphanage on the site of the former ballroom and theater.

The space has been visited by ghosts from many eras according to the hotel. The property used to be an orphanage, a Confederate soldier paced the hallways, and a phantom hid behind the drapes in the ballroom.

The cash rates are $150 per night.

The Hollywood Roosevelt


The Hollywood Roosevelt is a Los Angeles historic-cultural monument. The property where Marilyn Monroe called home for two years was one of the Hollywood Roosevelts claims to fame.

Some of the hotel's most illustrious clients seem to be just not interested in checking out.

Celebrity spirits are often seen around the hotel. Many guest rooms have a mirror that shows Marilyn Monroe's spirit. Some visitors claim to have seen a little girl in a blue dress playing in the hotel.

You can book with cash rates starting at $249 a night.

The Marshall House


The gothic appeal of the city is well known. One of the most well-known buildings in the city is the Marshall House. The hotel was twice used as a hospital, the first time during a yellow fever epidemic and the second time during the Civil War.

Soldiers with missing limbs, children playing marbles in the hallways, and the spirit of an author who once stayed at the hotel are some of the ghosts that haunt the hotel. The room he used to stay in had typewriter keys in it. Guests have reported hearing and seeing phantom cats and smelling a terrible odor on haunted floors.

Cash rates can be as high as $134 a night.

Fairmont Banff Springs


A hotel that's over 130 years old would have a few ghosts. One of them was a bride who died falling down the staircase before she could say "I do" The guests have reported seeing a veiled woman swaying in the grand ballroom. The spirit of the hotel's former head bellman wanders the halls to make sure everything runs as it should.

Some rooms at the hotel have strange activity. There are complaints about pillows being pulled out from under guests' heads, bloody handprints on the bathroom mirror, and sleeping patrons getting shoved out of bed.

The rates at this hotel can be found as low as $330 per night during the winter season. The Accor Live Limitless points can be redeemed here. Points are worth a fixed value, and you can redeem them in small amounts for a discount.

There is a reason why you should visit the Fairmont Banff Springs.

The Shelbourne


During her stay at The Shelbourne, an Autograph Collection property in Dublin, the actor said she was haunted by a young girl.

Many visitors have reported strange occurrences, such as the taps turning on, strange giggling, doors slamming, and a shadow of a girl on the sixth floor.

The hotel wanted a staff member to stay in the haunted room because so many guests complained about the supernatural. The employee ran out of the room after hearing the rumors. Mary Masters was a 7-year-old girl who died of a disease in the building hundreds of years ago.

Cash rates start at $308 a night but can go as high as $950 a night. Members of Marriott Bonvoy can book an award night.

The Langham, London

England's cricket team said they were scared at the luxury hotel, which was dating back to 1865. A doctor killed his wife before taking his own life on their honeymoon. He scares visitors as he walks through the hotel in costume.

The basement is where Napoleon III once resided. Before World War I, a prince from Germany jumped out a window. He is most active in the morning when he appears and disappears while wearing a military jacket. The most haunted room at The Langham is Room 333, and one of the most mischievous ghosts likes to throw guests out of bed.

The Langham London's cash rates start at $581 a night.

The additional reporting was done by Madison Blancaflor and a few other people.